EL Al  is extending the unpaid leave period of most of its employees until at least July 31st
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El Al, which is currently examining the Ministry of Finance's proposed layout, announced in a report to the stock exchange that it decided to extend the unpaid leave period of most of its employees until at least July 31, due to the uncertainty in its situation and the aviation world. More than 5,800 employees are on unpaid leave for more than two months in great uncertainty. As part of the company's decision, CEO El Al Gonen Ussishkin sent a letter to the employees, updating them with the decision: "We are in an ongoing effort with banks to obtain a state guarantee loan, which will enable...

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Jun 8, 2020

Allmost: Cellcom acquires Golan Telecom -  the competition authority approves the deal
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Two days after the Treasury announced that it was not opposed to the acquisition of Golan Telecom by Cellcom, the competition authority announced on Wednesday that it was approving the deal, three months since it was opened. In 2016, the authority objected to a similar purchase request for fear of damaging the competition. Now, the Ministry of Communications' final approval is required, but it is also likely to see eye to eye with the other regulators. The merged Cellcom will actually return to pre-cellular reform days in 2012 with a 35% market share, which is about 3.7 million...

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Jun 10, 2020

The 5G network tender ended: companies will pay a total of NIS 265 million for the new frequencies
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The tender for new frequencies, including frequencies for the 5th generation of cellular phones, ended on Wednesday evening without any significant surprises. The cellular companies will pay a total of NIS 265 million for the new frequencies, but will later be reimbursed according to the network's deployment rate. The concern that arose at the beginning of the tender, according to which some of the companies would remain without frequencies, was removed with the publication of the results of the tender. All companies will receive frequencies that will allow the expansion of the 4th...

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Aug 12, 2020

Towards a revolution in the Internet market: abolition of infrastructure-to-provider separation
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Towards a revolution in the Internet market: The Ministry of Communications issued a hearing to examine the abolition of infrastructure-to-provider separation (ISP), which has been practiced in Israel since 2000. As part of the reform, it is proposed ISP to private consumers so that they may be entitled to a unified service. "The existence of a split model no longer serves the competitive purposes for which it was set and imposes unnecessary costs on the economy and harms consumer welfare," the ministry notes. "The contribution of the ISP segment is small and it is doubtful whether it is...

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Oct 4, 2020

Israir can take off tomorrow for the United Arab Emirates and fly over Saudi Arabia
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Israir announced tonight (Monday) that it has received permission to take off tomorrow for the United Arab Emirates, and to pass through the airspace of Saudi Arabia. An American source said that the issue of flight permits for Israeli airlines in Saudi Arabia to the UAE and Bahrain had been resolved. This, after talks between Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, and White House envoy Avi Berkovich, with senior officials in Saudi Arabia. During the conversation between the parties, the Saudis clarified what should be the technical mechanism for approving these flights...

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Nov 30, 2020

high fine of NIS 6 million imposed on Hot after it thwarted the wholesale market reform
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The Ministry of Communications imposes a high fine on Hot after it thwarted the wholesale market reform. The ministry imposed an unusual fine of NIS 6 million on the cable company. The fine was imposed after the Ministry of Communications, according to the Ministry of Communications, prevented the implementation of the reform for about a year, and made it difficult for Internet providers without infrastructure to lease infrastructure segments and market them to consumers. The wholesale market reform required Bezeq and Hot to allow competitors to ride on their infrastructure. The reform...

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Jan 17, 2021

Bloomberg: Israel will reach 75% vaccination rate of the population with in two months
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Bloomberg News says it is possible to measure when the epidemic will end based on the current vaccination rate. To this end, Bloomberg has built the largest database of vaccines worldwide, having already given over 119 million doses in various countries. Scientists in the United States, including Dr. Anthony Pauchi, who was one of the top members of the Trump administration's team to deal with the corona virus, estimate that around 70 percent to 85 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated so we can return to normal life. The Bloomberg Surveillance Index shows that in some countries...

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Feb 5, 2021

Delta and United airlines will resume flights to Israel and to NYC alongside El Al
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Following the anger of the US administration and the official complaint forwarded to the Israeli government - US airlines will participate in the US flight schedule. The arrangement that has been found is that the three companies that operate on the line, United, Delta and El Al, will operate a schedule that will be divided between the three: every day a different company will operate a flight on the line from the US to Tel Aviv. However, Delta and United will be allowed to board passengers on flights departing from Tel Aviv every day. As part of the division of the flight schedule, Delta...

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Feb 16, 2021

Northern Israel and Jerusalem have been painted white -  snow has piled up
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Many areas in Israel have been painted white, and in the high areas of Jerusalem the snow has piled up to a height of 2 cm. Snowflakes have been falling in the capital in recent hours, and according to the forecast, snow is expected to increase tonight. In Jerusalem and all the intercity lines to and from it as well as the light rail activity. In the evening, it also started to snow in Mitzpe Ramon. In the north, the snow piled up in some localities to a height of about 40 cm. Kerem Ben Zimra and Dalton. A resident of Mitzpe Ramon, Effie Perry, said following the snow that "the excitement...

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Feb 17, 2021

Corona relief: Vaccinated or recovering patients exposed to Corona patients can board flights
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Corona morbidity is declining - and more relief is underway: The government approved tonight (Friday), shortly before Shabbat, new aviation regulations that will allow vaccinated or recovering patients exposed to Corona patients to board flights, and the obligation to measure temperature at terminal entry and boarding will be abolished. Ministers have confirmed that the new regulations will be in force until April 8. In light of the approval to bring only 3,000 Israelis into Israel daily, in an approved outline it was decided to impose on the Director General of the Ministry of...

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Mar 27, 2021

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