MWC opend: 65 Israeli companies exhibit in a national booth
Sansung launched in Israel it's flagship series Galaxy S9 and 9+
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After the device has been unveiled in Barcelona, ​​and its prices have already been released on Monday, Samsung Electronics Israel officially launched its flagship series, Samsung Galaxy S9 and 9 Plus models, and their sale will start on Sunday next week. At the launch, Guy Hibash, director of Samsung Israel's mobile division, said that the device was actually built around a camera, after the Korean company realized that this is what we are actually looking for from the device. The camera simulates an eye pupil by adapting the aperture to the lighting conditions and the quality...

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Mar 11, 2018

A sixth cellular operator joined the Israeli market: Xfone
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A sixth cellular operator joined the Israeli market. The communications company Xfone announced that it is entering the market with a cellular package at a price of NIS 19 a month, which includes 10 gigabit surfing, for two years - a low price compared to the local market. The company also announced a special launch package for NIS 29 to 40 gigabytes surfing, a fixed price for life. This package will be available only in the coming weeks and is intended for the first members. "We set up a quality cellular network, cost-effective pricing and work hard to be a decent and transparent company,"...

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Apr 10, 2018

Technological achievements: cooperation between the Ministries of Communications and Transport
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The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Communications established an inter-ministerial committee for the provision of wireless communication solutions in the field of transportation in Israel

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Oct 26, 2018

 Israeli Guy Nativ won the  Oscar Award in the Short Feature Film category for his film "Skin"
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A historic achievement for Israel at the Oscars: Israeli director Guy Nativ won the Academy Award in the Short Feature Film category for his film "Skin". "Good night Israel," Nativ said in a winning speech. "My grandparents are Holocaust survivors, and the intolerance that they suffered from can be seen today in the United States and Europe, and this film is about education and about teaching your children a better way." Nativ is the first Israeli director to win an Oscar since 1978, when director Moshe Mizrahi won his French film "All Life Before Him." Screenwriter Sharon Maimon, who was...

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Feb 25, 2019

Israeli's bow their heads and note the memory of six million Jews masacered by the Nazis
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Israeli's bow their heads and painfully notes the memory of the six million Holocaust Martyrs 'and Heroes. The Holocost remembrance Day is noted on Thursday in many ceremonies throughout the country and the world. At 10:00, a two-minute siren will be heard, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, at the foot of the monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Ynet accompanies the events of Holocaust Remembrance Day by direct broadcasts from various centers. In the wreath-laying ceremony, President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset Speaker Yuli...

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May 2, 2019

The Ministry of Communications published the tender for frequencies for the cellular 5th generation
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The Ministry of Communications published the tender for frequencies for the fifth generation cellular. This is an innovative technology that will enable the transfer of information at high speeds relative to the current situation. The tender winners will be announced during the fourth quarter of the year and the frequencies will be allocated to the companies. The auction will be conducted using the auction method in sealed envelopes. The highest bidder is the winner of the tender, but is expected to pay the second highest price. The state uses this method to get the maximum value and at...

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Jul 14, 2019

Pelephone gets back a fine imposed by the Consumer Protection Authority totaling NIS 1 million
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Partner and Pelephone appealed a fine imposed on them by the Consumer Protection Authority and will receive back the amount of the fine plus court costs, totaling NIS 968,000 - the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court ruled in an appeal filed by the two companies. This is a monetary sanction imposed on the companies in January 2017, claiming to mislead consumers in various publications where consumers were invited to join them and receive advanced "Generation 4" mobile services, free of charge. The Authority claimed that during the relevant period for publications that began in July 2014, the...

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Aug 26, 2019

The government approved unanimously the law allowing to post cameras at polling stations
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The government will be asked today to approve the law on cameras at the polling station. According to the Likud proposal, the Knesset Election Law will add a clause that will allow any member of the ballot committee, observer, secretary or representative of the Central Election Commission to take pictures or record a ballot at the polls. The Likud intends to approve the law in the Knesset in expedited proceedings, even before the elections in 10 days. Justice Minister Ohana said eleven last night that the law would be approved even though Attorney General Mandelblit and the Central Election...

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Sep 8, 2019

iPhone 11 in all types will be sold in Israel -- September 26 for NIS 3,500 - 4700
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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPhones this week - iPhone 11. The question remains how much the device will cost in Israel. The prices of the new models are expected to be similar to those launched just a year ago. The price of the iPhone 11 will start at NIS 3,500, and the PRO model will start at NIS 4,700. The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch screen, it comes in six colors (purple, white, green, yellow, black and red), two cameras and an important promise over improved XR battery life. The new emphasis will also include a face recognition system. The price of this iPhone will start...

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Sep 11, 2019

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