In January 2020 543,000 Israelis departed the country - an increase of 10%
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In January 2020, 543,000 Israelis departed abroad - an increase of 10% compared to January 2019. 4% of Israelis departures in January were of Israeli residents living abroad who came for a homeland visit. In January, 29,000 Israeli departures were by land (to Egypt and Jordan). The number of flights abroad was 496,000 - most of them, ie 466,000, departed only once during the month. Also in the other direction, ie tourists entering Israel, an increase was recorded - 308.5 thousand tourists entered Israel in January, an increase of 8% compared to January last year. According to estimates by...

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Feb 5, 2020

Cellcom's board of directors will convene on Thursday to approve the retirement of 450 employees
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The competition continues to hit the cellular companies: Discount Investments (DSC) announced that as part of its preparations for publishing its financial statements for the second quarter of 2019, it expects a write-down for impairment of the subsidiary Cellcom, valued at between NIS 500 and NIS 600 million. On Monday, Bezeq announced that it was preparing for the possibility of write-offs of between NIS 800 million and NIS 1.1 billion in the value of its subsidiary Pelephone. The write-offs come in the face of fierce competition in the telecommunications market that is causing ongoing...

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Feb 6, 2020

The Ministry of Communications plans to remove all of the public telephone positions
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The Ministry of Communications has issued a call calling for the removal of public telephone positions in the public space and reducing the obligation to install them. Today there are about 9,500 public landline telephones scattered in the public domain. In comparison, the number of public telephones peaked in 1996 - 27,000. In the last two decades, in parallel with the rise in the use of cell phones, there has been a gradual decline in the use of public phones. Regulated public telephones were established immediately after the establishment of the country's largest localities, with the...

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Feb 8, 2020

"Israelis were most motivated to travel for nature (63%), beach (54%) and shopping (52%)"
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Global travelers took on average six trips in the last year according to Agoda, one of the world’s fastest growing digital travel platforms. Agoda unveils insights from its Global Travel Usage and Attitude Survey, as it announces plans to expand in Israel ahead of its participation in the 26th International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) event in Tel Aviv. In Southeast Asia, where Agoda is headquartered, the number of trips annually is seven, compared to travelers from United Kingdom, United States and Australia who traveled four times in the past year. Meanwhile in Israel, people...

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Feb 13, 2020

Cellcom  acquires Golan Telecom for NIS 720 million with 920,000 subscriptions
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Just less than a month ago, Avi Gabay signed a collective bargaining agreement with the workers' committee, which his predecessor, Nir Stern, failed to advance in a few months. Gabay realized he had no choice - if he didn't rush to sign a deal, his competitors could be ahead of him and sign a merger deal and weaken Cellcom. The company offered Golan NIS 720 million (including a NIS 130 million debt waiver) and, according to market officials, is expected to return the investment in three years. Cellcom is actually streamlining. Today it spends tens of millions on customer recruitment and...

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Feb 18, 2020

Israir required all 470 employees to take a seven-day forced leave and prepares 5% lay off
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a special status tomorrow morning on the issue of the Corona virus in the Ministry of Health, with the Minister of Health, Litzman, the government ministers, office managers, hospital CEOs and other senior officials. The Corona crisis is heightening the concern among airlines around the world that there will be a real decline in the volume of business and private flights. Israir required all 470 employees to take a seven-day forced leave, which they will have to take by April, due to a sharp drop in February-March bookings. In addition, the...

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Feb 22, 2020

German Lufthansa announced the cancellation of its flights to Israel for at least 3 weeks
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German aviation giant Lufthansa, considered Europe's largest airline, also Swiss and Austrian Airlines, owned by Lufthansa announced on Thursday (Thursday) a cancellation of its flights to Israel following the Health Ministry's instructions yesterday to include Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. The French airline also announced the cancellation of six flights on the Tel Aviv-Paris line. Three flights in each direction - tonight and tomorrow. In addition, Lufthansa canceled about 7,100 domestic flights in March - as of today. Lufthansa operates 32 flights from German cities...

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Mar 5, 2020

Israir and Arkia cancel their international operations and will focus now on Eilat
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A tough evening in Israeli aviation. The decision they feared came about: the closure of Israeli borders with the announcement of the isolation obligation to landers in Israel from all destinations in the world. Israir has announced it canceles it's international operations. The company said that following the announcement of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health, the company will work until the weekend to bring back all its passengers staying in the sand. The company will then cancel its scheduled international flights by the end of March. Flights inland from Haifa and Ben Gurion...

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Mar 8, 2020

"During Corona time - complaints about cellular quality of service increased by 73%"
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The Ministry of Communications published the 2019 Public Inquiry Report and the Public Inquiry Summary during the Corona crisis. The report segments the complaints received by the office during the spread of the Corona virus: March 15 through May 10. During this period, 1,526 complaints and inquiries were received - most in the area of ​​quality of service, with 884 complaints and inquiries in the corresponding period in 2019 - an increase of 73%. The cellular company that received the smallest number of complaints per 10,000 subscribers is Pelephone that leads with 1.4 complaints....

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May 28, 2020

 Pelephone: All employees in vacation without pay will return to work and get a grant
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Following negotiations in the past few weeks between the Histadrut, the Pelephone employees and the company's management, the parties signed a new agreement that will allow the company to deal with the consequences of the Corona crisis, while reducing the damage to its employees. Negotiations on the agreement were led by MZA VP of Zvika Abramovitz, Chairman of the Cellular Workers 'Union, Internet and High Tech at the Yaki Pioneering Federation, and Chairman of the Workers' Committee Yechiel Shemen. Accompanying the negotiations: Prof. Yaron Zelicha Dr. Kfir Ze'ev of the Orna Lin office,...

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Jun 2, 2020

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