Taxi drivers protest the new counter and will demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Transport
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Traveling to Jerusalem tomorrow Sunday, or planning to catch a taxi? pay attention. Taxi drivers are preparing for a big demonstration in front of the Ministry of Transport in Jerusalem, with convoys departing from 7:45 from Tel Aviv, Holon, Ben Gurion and Latrun to the government's capital in the capital. Drivers protest the obligation to stock up on January 1, 2020 at the new counter, which is based on a different price calculation than today. The masses will continue to operate at two fares, day and night / Saturday and holiday, but a different calculation of the fare should be...

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Dec 14, 2019

 Amazon opened mutual streaming service with Partner, Celcom and Hot
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Partner and Amazon's joint and first campaign began on Sunday as the focus is of the most popular streaming giant series. Partner and Amazon project in Israel began in a partnership with Partner TV in April 2018, when the app is accessible in all of the company's converters. At the end of August, HOT also announced that it had signed an agreement with Amazon and that in the coming months the service would be available to the company's subscribers. Amazon's service has not yet fully localized in Israel and is in the process of translating and translating its contents into Hebrew. Amazon...

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Dec 15, 2019

Historic moment Saturday evening: the train line opened between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
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An historic moment was recorded on Saturday evening as the new train line opened between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. So far, the train has only traveled between the capital and Ben Gurion Airport, where another train had to be replaced. From now on, it will continue on its way to the defense station and will soon continue to Tel Aviv Central Station - Savidor. The new route allows the train to go the distance in only half an hour, compared to the one and a half hours in the old line, whose course goes up and down the mountain windings, including the replacement at Beit Shemesh. To enable the...

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Dec 21, 2019

CBS: The city of Ramat Gan is the leader in most quality of life indices in Israel
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The Central Bureau of Statistics publishes quality of life indices in major cities for 2018 - the data shows that Ramat Gan is the leader in most quality of life indices. It leads to a life expectancy and the rate of eligibility for adulthood among those aged 26. The involuntary part-time employment rate among Ramat Gan residents is the lowest. Streets leads to life satisfaction and median gross income from work. There are no fatalities in road accidents on the streets. In Rishon LeZion, the satisfaction of cleanliness in the residential area and the rate of internet use are highest. In...

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Dec 25, 2019

 Ministry of Communications: freezing the 5th generation tender will damage the economy
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The Ministry of Communications responded to the administrative petition filed earlier this month by telecommunication companies Cellcom, Golan Telecom and Expon to the District Court in Jerusalem with a request for an interim order and to freeze the procedure for the 5th generation tender. The companies argued that the firm chose to try a new and complex tender method known as a "combinatorial watch auction" that has never been tried in Israel and may violate the principle of equality and competition and lead to absurd results. The state replied that "the Tender Committee chose the tender...

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Dec 29, 2019

 Communications  Ministry: joint deployment of fiber optic infrastructure in existing buildings
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The Ministry of Communications on Sunday issued a hearing aimed at charging telecommunications companies with a joint deployment of fiber optic infrastructure in existing buildings. In this move, the firm seeks to prevent duplicate investments and reduce economic costs, as well as reduce the public nuisance involved in fiber optic deployment, which allows ultra-fast Internet speeds up to 1,000 megabits. In the current method of optical fiber deployment in the country, the operator first deploys the fiber from the street closets to the building, and in the second stage it is necessary to...

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Jan 4, 2020

 a 15-year-old boy was trapped in the trunk of a 947 Bus for 40 minutes while driving to Jerusalem
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A bus on line 947 was again involved in an unusual event. On Saturday night, it turned out that a 15-year-old boy apparently entered the trunk to put his luggage in and was trapped inside. About forty minutes after entering, police stopped the bus at the Hamad interchange not far from Mevaseret Zion. It turns out that the boy who entered the trunk tapped the sides of the bus but the driver continued on his journey. Passengers on the bus testified that they heard the boy's tapping but thought it was a passenger who was late to the station and asked the driver to stop and allow him to board...

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Jan 4, 2020

The National Cyber directorate inaugurated a control center: will provide response to cyber threats
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The National Cyber directorate and the Ministry of Communications have inaugurated a control center that will provide a national response to cyber threats to the communications sector and to maintain its functional continuity. The inauguration of the center was attended by Yigal Ona National Cyber, Head of Communications David Amsalem and Director of the Ministry of Communications Nati Cohen. The center, which will begin operation in early February, is part of the National Cyber ​​Events Management Center of the National Cyber ​​Array located in the high-tech park in Be'er Sheva, and is...

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Jan 8, 2020

 Israel Railways is shortening works for Tel Aviv electrification project and is resuming all lines
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Thanks to progress in accelerating the Tel Aviv electrification project - Israel Railways is shortening the works this week, resuming all the lines this Sunday, returning to the format of works that affect the night traffic and Fridays only, characterized by a minority of passengers. The Israel Railways is preparing for the full renewal of the train traffic on all lines and stations throughout the week, as early as Sunday (19.1.20) instead of Tuesday 28.1.20, as planned at the beginning of the operation. During the works, a milestone was reached in the project with the connection of the...

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Jan 18, 2020

HOT's parent company confirmed: We made an offer to acquire Partner
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ALTIS, HOT's parent company, confirmed to the stock exchange this morning that HOT had made an offer to acquire the full shareholding of Partner. Eltis, of Patrick Darhi, approved but did not specify the content of the proposal. HOT submitted an offer to acquire 100% of Partner for more than NIS 3 billion. If the proposal is approved, the first merger in the cellular industry is expected to take place, after long months of talks where HOT, controlled by Darhi, wants to merge with one of the companies, Cellcom or Partner. Partner also announced that it had received a purchase offer from...

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Jan 29, 2020

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