Abolishing isolation after returning from abroad jumped the number of bookings for airline tickets


by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication Sep 1, 2021

The decision to facilitate the return of vaccinated people from abroad and the abolition of the obligation to go into isolation for a week has jumped the number of bookings of Israeli and international airlines. Companies report an increase of tens and even hundreds of percent in ticket purchases. And in airlines.
Earlier this week, Corona projector Prof. Salman Zarka announced a change in the foreign policy of isolation and granting an exemption from isolation for the vaccinated in the third dose back from orange countries that make up most of the countries of the world. For a negative answer or up to 24 hours.

From the moment Prof. Zarqa announced the change in policy, the Israeli airlines announced new destinations that had opened for flights from Ben Gurion Airport, along with an increase in the number of flights to existing destinations.
El Al now offers direct flights to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Athens, Larnaca, Paris, Kiev, Zurich, Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Rome, Marseille, Prague, Vienna, Bucharest, Warsaw, Krakow, Berlin, Brussels, Bratislava, Marrakech and Phuket.
El Al said that there was an increase of tens of percent to some destinations and even of hundreds of percent to other destinations. However, there is still a lack of movement of vaccinated tourists to Israel, along with the restrictions that still exist on children who are required to be isolated upon their return to Israel (because they are not vaccinated with a third vaccine).
Israir focuses on other destinations, offering direct flights to Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Cyprus, Zanzibar, Salzburg, Kiev, Vienna, Montenegro, Budapest, Marrakech, Prague, Dubai, Batumi, Tbilisi, Warsaw and Baku. The company is also launching a route to Bahrain for the first time, alongside Bahrain Golf Air, which is also launching a new route to Tel Aviv and will operate two weekly flights on Mondays and Thursdays.
Israir said that the purchase of tickets did increase significantly: the demand for flights to Athens, Rhodes and Dubai increased by 300%, the demand for flights to Prague increased by 250%, to Montenegro by 350% and the demand for flights to Batumi in Georgia increased by 400%.
The Torres wife has reported a jump of more than 200% in orders since the guidelines were changed. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, bookings for flights abroad surpassed bookings for hotels in Israel. According to the company, the most sought-after destinations are Montenegro, Georgia, northern Greece, Budapest, Vienna and Prague with particularly high demand for organized trips suitable for a vaccinated audience.
The holiday period that came along with the easing of flights led to Ben Gurion Airport expecting increased activity during September. The Airports Authority's workers' committee is currently in negotiations with the authority's management, following a request from the Labor Court last week.
At this stage it is not clear whether the increase in the number of flights and passengers will also affect the efficiency plans of the airlines, but if the volume of flights increases significantly then the chance of the companies going into dismissal proceedings decreases.
According to data from the Airports Authority, about 120,000 passengers are expected to leave Israel in the next ten days on 938 flights. Once the airlines finish selling their tickets this number is expected to go up as well as the number of flights is expected to increase later this month.
In the last three days, the largest number of flights was to the United States, to which about 5,800 people flew. The second most popular destination was France with about 2,800 flights, followed by Ukraine with about 2,600 flights. In the coming days, thousands more people are expected to fly to Ukraine.



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