Compromise settlement in Mishaan: Elderly will pay a caregiver NIS 750 instead of 1,000 a month

Posted on Jul 31, 2022 by Ifi Reporter

Following a compromise settlement that was recently accepted, the amount that the elderly who live in a support center pay for an attached caregiver who lives with them will be reduced from NIS 1,000 per month to NIS 750.
The District Court in Tel Aviv recently approved a compromise settlement as part of a request for approval of a class action lawsuit filed in 2019 by the Association of Sheltered Housing Tenants in Israel - against the Meshan center.
The subject of the request for approval is the claims of the Association of Residents of Sheltered Housing in Israel, that Mish'an collected excessive and unreasonable amounts of up to NIS 1,000 per month from its elderly residents, who employ a close personal caregiver, regardless of the actual costs incurred by her due to the aforementioned employment and residence. This, despite the fact that the presence and activity of the caregiver close to and for the elderly in need, apparently helps the sheltered housing and reduces its costs.
It is further argued that the ruling's approach is that an assisted living facility is not allowed to collect unreasonable amounts from a needy resident for a personal caregiver employed by the resident in the assisted living facility.
On the other hand, Mish'an denied the applicant's claims in the request for approval and claimed that the amounts charged by Mish'an for the caretaker's residence were reasonable. A mediation process that took place between the parties resulted in a compromise settlement that was recently approved by Judge Rachel Barkai.
As part of the settlement, it was agreed that it would apply to the members of the group that include, among other things, tenants who live or have lived in the sheltered housing managed by Mishan, or all the signatories on behalf of the tenants, who have signed contracts to live in the sheltered housing and for whom we (the tenants) have received care in the seven years prior to the filing of the claim and until for rendering the judgment.
It was agreed that as of January 1, 2021, the monthly amount owed by the group members to Mishan for the accommodation of a caregiver for the group members who employ and accommodate a caregiver on their behalf will be a uniform sum of NIS 750. A member who pays a lower amount for caregiver accommodation will continue to pay the same amount that was agreed upon with Mishan.


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