Orkam developed glasses for the blind: is worth $1 billion


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Feb 20, 2018

Orkam's founders Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram announced a $ 30 million financing round. This round turned Orckem's value to $ 1 billion.
  The company has developed glasses for the blind, and they have a unique camera that scans and reads to the one that each text contains, and even recognizes faces and products.
  In anticipation of the expected IPO in the coming year, the company is interested in raising another $ 100 million and reaching a company value of $ 2 billion. "I think the potential of the company is far greater than that of Mobily," said CEO and founder Ziv Aviram after the publication of the data.




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Carol Wallace
Carol Wallace / Nov 27, 2019

I saw this on Dr. Phil’s show today and couldn’t believe it ! It is absolutely one of the most marvelous things imaginable! I hope that it is soon to be available for all who need it!!!


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