2 workers were killed in two different accidents in Beer Yaakov and Lachish


by Ifi Reporter Category:Real Estate Dec 19, 2019

The accidents at the construction sites. On Thursday, two workers were killed in two different accidents in Beer Yaakov and Lachish. Even before those accidents, the number of fatalities for 2019 has peaked compared to previous years, at this time the number of fatalities this year is 45 compared to 39 in 2018 and 36 in 2017.
The increase in the number of accidents continues despite the fact that several measures were supposed to have been taken that were intended to reduce the extent of the injured and killed, but in practice the safety issue has not yet penetrated to the level of the area and accidents continue to occur at a frightening rate.
In the first accident reported this morning, a worker was injured, a 30-year-old man from a heavy object at a construction site on Be'er Ya'akov Street. MDA paramedics and paramedics who arrived at the scene of the evacuation of the wounded to Tel Hashomer Hospital in serious condition, with a head injury, but upon completion of advanced CPR operations, his death was determined.
About two hours later, a report was received in the Lachish area about a worker trapped under a concrete wall that collapsed at a construction site at the Lachish Regional Council. MDA paramedics and paramedics who arrived at the scene reported a man about 30 years old unconscious with no signs of life and had to determine his death.
Israel Assel, Attorney General of the Forum for the Prevention of Work Accidents: In a serious work accident that occurred today at a construction site on the street where Beer Ya'akov was killed, 30 was a heavy object he was backed up. 83 workers were killed in work accidents, 44 of whom were killed in the construction industry. 2019 is a difficult blood year in the field of accidents, the number of accidents is only increasing, despite the establishment of the Fles unit in Blade 433, which was to create higher quality investigations in the area of ​​accidents at work and to be a major deterrent in this area. Accident and qualitative investigations are key to filing charges and preventing accidents Work, unfortunately, qualitative investigations do not really exist The court yesterday that Tel Aviv Magistrate imposed a light sentence of community service and a fine of NIS 4,000 for those responsible for job site where the worker fell to his death light Felicien. These light sentences give a negative message to workers' lives are worthless ... ".
From line to employee, "Today, two people were added to the number of people killed in work accidents in the building, bringing the number of workers killed in work accidents in the building industry in 2019 to 45. This compares to 38 employees killed in the building industry in the past year. 2018 was characterized by zero fatalities. A month earlier, in November, an agreement was signed between the Histadrut and the Ministry of Finance, aimed at improving employee safety. The message from all parties, authorities and labor unions was of caring which would mean deterrence. One year later and no remembrance. Renounces its responsibility for employee safety, no sanctions are imposed on contractors for safety deficiencies, Construction sites where workers are killed are closed for two days only and are reopened without any flaws and have been repaired The investigation of accidents is very limited, adding that most of the Histadrut and Treasury agreement clauses (see attachment as of November) have not been completed or implemented. Another, and employees continue to pay for their lack of policies and regulations in their lives. "

The year 2019 has so far marked a difficult year in terms of the volume of accidents that have occurred there, since the beginning of the year 41 workers have been killed compared with 38 workers in 2018, and 36 killed in 2017. In addition to the number of fatalities, 165 workers have been injured during their work on construction sites since the beginning of the year, 22 of them seriously injured, and the remainder moderately. More than half of the injured (22) were killed by a fall from a height.

A line from the employee said: "In the last two years 2018-2019, brothers from Parent Building and Development received 9 safety orders for deficiencies in the site. In addition, and more severe, three work stoppage orders were received at various construction sites including Jerusalem and Intelligence. We hope this work accident will be investigated as required, and those responsible Closing 48 hours as is customary today does not provide and does not achieve the results, in addition to the fact that many sites simply reopen immediately, due to a lack of enforcement. The construction for deficiencies was in the death of a worker, for 30 days, until deep and severe treatment "All the safety hazards. The inscription on the construction sites of this company was on the wall, and still a person paid in his life."



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