political leaders: social media - forbidden

political leaders: social media - forbidden

Twitter's dramatic decision to permanently suspend Donald Trump's account is the best proof of the need to restrict the use of social networks. Trump is not the only one who abuses social media. In Israel, Netanyahu does this through network professionals. Netanyahu is more sophisticated and does not get excited. The fear is disturbing and even frightening. Will his not-so-smart supporters be called to the flag and be required to take action against the law enforcement system - the State Attorney's Office and the courts? This may occur when Netanyahu's trial, God forbid, progresses in a negative direction for him. Even a government coup, which is not seen on the horizon, will take the settlers and their supporters to harassing acts. It is mandatory to ban social networks from publishing political publications. An even more sacred duty to suspend politicians' accounts as long as they are in power. This is not a violation of freedom of expression. World leaders do not need social networks and have a direct connection to the institutionalized press that wants to hear them. An interview in the media is important but it has the characterization that politicians do not like: they must answer questions. Sometimes it is unpleasant and many times it is difficult. Permanently suspending Trump’s account must be not only the beginning of a media revolution but also a return to sanity where responsible journalists reveal information, ask questions and demand clarification. Maybe tonight the media is back to sanity. Shabbat Shalom!

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