The dark period we have fallen into

 The dark period we have fallen into

The media outlets in the world are in their most difficult time, both in the world and in Israel. Now everyone is focusing on stopping social media and Facebook is under attack. I seek to illuminate another side to the dark period we have fallen into. In 2020 we are in a situation where human capital is no longer relevant. Have we not come a long way since the Industrial Revolution. Turns out not. The medical world has managed to produce for the citizens of the world relatively many years of good health, but does not know what to do with those elderly people who are still craving for a life of activity and quality. Sending the old men to rot at home in front of the TV. I'm talking about seniors who are able and willing to contribute to society and produce.
Yet this alienated society makes it clear to the young veterans occupying every good part. They do not know that in less than half a generation they will be in the same situation.
There is no understanding in our world that there is a place for everyone and it is possible to create a quality world with old and young alike. Those young people who yearn to develop any worthy invention alongside the veterans who can and will know how to direct the young people to the right paths. A combination that can produce fruits that no one dreamed of.
The Public Broadcasting Corporation is a living example of this rotten conduct. For four years was forced to employ the retirees of a previous broadcasting corporation that the Israeli government closed irresponsibly. Those about four hundred workers were invited to the corporation "KAN" and like walking corpses did a professional work. Four years later .... they are thrown aside with contempt and make it clear to them there is a new world, the world of the young. They are not bad they are our children they are the flesh of our flesh. They do not understand how it is possible and desirable to build a new company that will face the challenges of the future. I'm one of those old ones. Yes, the old man who still knows how to set up a start-up. A person at an age when in the past there were silent people in the house waiting for the social verdict, of the end of a track. I prove every day anew that it is possible to present relevant, important and kicking media. We will understand that the elderly still have a place, there is still a role and there is still a future. This reputable site "Israel Financial Insider" ( will prove to every man and woman across the globe that it is possible to continue until nature tells us - enough!

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