Seagate a manufacturer of data management solutions opens Lyve Labs Innovation Center in Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Feb 15, 2020

Seagate a leading manufacturer of storage and data management solutions in the world, officially opening the Lyve Labs Innovation Center in Israel.
The goal of Seagate Lyve Labs in Israel is to collaborate with high-tech companies and enable innovation through simple, secure and effective means of working with databases and large amounts of data. This giant international initiative will enable the smooth flow of information across various systems and optimize their business value in-flight as well as at-rest.
Dr. Dave Moseley, CEO of Seagate, said: "The decision to set up the Lyve Labs Innovation Center stems from the understanding that innovation cannot be created in isolation. It is the result of collaborations. Innovation leaders at Lyve Labs are committed to collaborating with developers and other developers In return, we offer our 40 years of experience in research and development, in support of innovation that uses data, for the benefit of humanity. "
With the world's largest number of start-ups relative to per capita, and with more than 10 percent of the workforce employed in the high-tech industry, Israel is a vibrant hub of innovation in the data field. On the occasion of the opening of the Innovation Center today, Dr. Moseley spoke to a crowd of investors and entrepreneurs at the OurCrowed Conference, Israel's largest global investment conference. Limits of Innovation The Seagate Innovation Center has attracted a number of startups looking to harness the use of data for humanity, the official opening of the Center today is a formal manifestation of Seagate's partnerships with Israeli companies that are already in the midst of the information age challenge.

Erez Baum, director of the Sigate Lyve Labs news center in Israel, said: "We want to help Israeli companies and learn from them at the same time. The Lyve Labs innovation center is both a two-way learning platform and a collaborative creation center. The goal is to learn from our partners' data challenges Solutions to help them become more competitive in the age of information economics "

The companies that partner with the Lyve Labs Center in Israel are engaged in ever-relevant data challenges, such as earthquake survival. "Our solution is based on the cloud right now, but we need to be closer to the edge (Edge)," said Benny Sasson, chief technology officer of SeismicAI, a unique global startup that develops early earthquake detection and warning solutions "wherever it is. need."

Sasson added: "We were asked by the National Institute of Natural Resources in Canada to install our platform on their servers, as an encrypted, secure and holistic solution, due to national security and information security concerns. That's why we turned to Seagate's Lyve Labs center. Just connect to the customer's data center and it will comply with all regulations and regulations and also communicate with the resources that are already there. "

Security Hub chose to partner with the Lyve Labs center in Israel thanks to Seagate's expertise in providing reliable data solutions. HUB Security was established by veterans of cyber security units in the IDF, and offers the next generation of a rugged and protected cyber security hardware platform for every sabotage. Unique development, multitenant and high performance capabilities, along with maximum customization for any algorithm and business application. advanced

Eyal Moshe, CEO of HUB Security said "We have asked Seagate's Lybe Lab Center for Feasibility Proof (POC) for our solution." For this purpose, Seagate may host a special live event later this year in Tel Aviv.

Among other projects, the Tel Aviv Innovation Center successfully experimented with the Lyve ™ Drive Shuttle technology, launched this year at the CES Conference in Las Vegas, as part of the family of mobile data storage and transfer solutions - Lyve Drive Mobile Systems. The experiment was conducted in Tel Aviv in collaboration with UPS and proved that physical data transfer via the Lyve ™ Drive Shuttle through its global and trusted network is more cost-effective and faster than uploading.

In addition to feasibility proof (POC), Seagate Lyve Labs Israel will provide Israeli entrepreneurs with professional advice from data experts to help solve technological and business challenges, design and certification services, business development consulting, sample architectures, data management process optimization services, and even access to data management, And test systems.

In the spirit of open innovation, sample architectures and case studies will be published on the Lyve Labs Israel website, accessible to any company that would like to implement similar solutions easily.

Lyve Labs News Center in Israel will be at the forefront of Seagate's technological sphere. Another Lyve Labs center is located in Longmont, Colorado (US) and Seagate plans to open more innovation centers soon around the world.

Seagate's Lyve Labs Innovation Center is a collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, startups and Israeli businesses to create data solutions. The center is located in Tel Aviv at 28 Fourth Street, North Tower, 18th floor. For more information, visit:



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