Israeli Game application gives players real money instead of virtual points


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Mar 6, 2018

The SellFee game developed in Israel gives players real money instead of virtual points.The idea behind the application is that the player creates a virtual store, runs it and markets the products. But the actions the player performs in the game are translated by the application to the management commands of a real online store. The sales the player gets in the game are actually real purchase transactions, through which the player earns commissions transferred to his PayPal account. Unlike games that reward points.
 The game does not require a financial investment by the player to establish a site or purchase products, nor does it require investing in packaging and mail delivery. The player's product inventory is based on a sales and distribution method called "drop-shipping," in which the player does not hold goods in stock but only deals with marketing. The game automatically transfers the order details to a wholesaler who holds goods and handles deliveries.
Since the player does not have to commit to maintaining inventory, it is possible to vary between the products being sold. SellFee allows you to market phone models, tablets and mobile devices. Game consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, TVs. As well as smaller deals of toys, gadgets, mobile products and more. Thus, each player can bind diverse products according to the nature of the store he manages.
 According to Tomer Warschauer Noni, CEO and founder of SellFee: "Although we have just launched the game we are already operating around the world. There are players who have been able to make sales of hundreds of dollars a month through their stores. We are in an era when the world goes online, but many still do not know how to set up, manage and market an online store. In order to catch the gap from the old world to the current period, SellFee allows you to learn the field while playing, as the player accumulates professional knowledge and practical experience that can be used in other trade venues such as Amazon, eBay and more.
The SellFee app is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets



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