Intel unveiled the first artificial intelligence chip developed - in Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Aug 20, 2019

Intel on Tuesday evening at the Hot Chips Conference in Silicon Valley, USA, unveiled the first artificial intelligence chip developed in Israel. In large data centers (compared to the training phase, and to chipsets for end devices).
 The new chip is based on 10-inch Ice Lake cores, capable of handling 3,600 images per second, at 10 watts. Hundreds of Intel's development center employees in Haifa and the manufacturing plant in Kiryat Gat participated in the new chip development.
The chip will go into production this year, but according to an Intel message, Facebook has "already announced that it has started using the product."
Like other artificial intelligence chips, the new chip will be used to process computer vision, natural language processing, including translations, real-time speech processing, and recommendation systems.
In the artificial intelligence chip market, companies like Envidia, considered a leader, operate and develop chips for both end-devices and data centers. Google is also developing an artificial intelligence chip called TPU which it does not sell to customers but offers access via the cloud. In Israel, startups are developing a dedicated artificial intelligence chip such as Norroblade, Habana and Hailo. In the first two, Intel invests through its investment arm Intel Capital. Another well-publicized startup is British Grapecourt. Other prominent companies operating in the field are Amazon, Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, ARM, Chinese Baidu, AMD, IBM and more.
Oren Gershon, director of AIPG Development Group at Intel Israel, said that the field of artificial intelligence is accelerating worldwide, with the main use now being recommendation systems: , Which search results should be first, which advertisements the customer would like to see and which products he would like to buy. "
The AIPG group was established at Intel about two years ago after the acquisition of Narbana, and according to Gershon, the chip design initiative used to draw conclusions was born in Haifa's development center. The developers were assisted by the Ice Lake processor developed by the Israeli C2DG group in the Haifa Center, a processor that serves as Intel's central processing chip in the world of personal computing. "In combination with the Islick we have found a very efficient component, which is capable of doing a lot of operations with a relatively low amount of electricity," says Gershon. He said the chip performance that would soon be introduced would be highly competitive.

photo: the Israel team, Intel PR



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