The 8200 Alumni will provide tools and platforms to empower women in high-tech


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Feb 20, 2019

The 8200 Alumni Association launched an initiative to provide organizations with the tools and platforms for recruiting and empowering women in the fields of high-tech, entrepreneurship and venture capital, finance and consulting. The program helps companies recruit women to senior positions and promote women from the organization to senior positions. The 8200 Alumni Association is an organization that works out of a vision to preserve the legacy of Unit 8200, to support the community of graduates and graduates of the Unit in their civic lives, and to enlist the graduates' network for the benefit of Israeli society and the general public.
The launch of the program took place on Google's campus with key figures in Israeli high-tech. Including Dr. Orna Berry, senior director of Israel's science and technology sectors, Prof. Yossi Matias, CEO of Google Israel R & D, and Nir Lampert, businessman and founder of the 8200 Immigrants Association.
Behind the initiative is the Woman2Woman program of the 8200 Immigrants Association, which promotes women to senior management positions, since more men are promoted within organizations than women. Even though the organization has women workers with education, seniority and professional abilities similar to those of men and even more. But for various reasons they are not promoted in a career comparable to men.
According to Orna Berry, "For decades, we have been dealing with the issue of productivity and growth, and every time we reach a point of equal opportunity and examine the issue from a wage or promotion angle, we can see that there is a very large gap between men and women.
"I think it's time to make a difference, too, through mentoring, but also through the integration of corporate managements at all levels, all in order to cope with the problem. "The joint work here is that of women who have succeeded in reaching significant positions, women who are ready and willing to take this challenge, and of course the managements of companies," concluded Bari.
"Many companies invest money and want to lead the advancement of women within the organization but do not know how to do it right, our place is to come and help them," says Keren Hershkowitz, founder and co-founder of the W2W program. This is a big missed opportunity for the entire economy, which still lacks adequate representation of a female talent, especially in the context of competition for human capital. "
The program is supported by Citibank, Check Point, BDO, Dell EMC, Discount Bank, Google and BCG. Other companies that employ thousands of Israeli employees and partners in the initiative are Payoneer, Calatrava, Microsoft, Fiverr and Citi Bank.




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