Intel is marketing new Real-Sense cameras developed in Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Jan 20, 2018

Intel began marketing the new generation of RealSense cameras developed at the company's development center in Haifa: D415 and D435. The new cameras enable optical depth analysis for robots, scanners, computers and more.
"Many of today's devices and devices use a computer vision based on 2D image recognition, but with RealSense's best depth technology we redefine future technologies that can 'see' like a human being, so devices and devices can really enrich our lives," he said. "With its compact and ready-to-use chassis, the D400 depth camera series not only makes it easy for developers to build 3D depth in any design, but also instantly assimilates in high-volume products," said Sagi Ben Moshe, vice president and general manager of RealSense Group at Intel. As the applications of computing vision, using VR / AR, robotics, scanners, etc., adding depth layers to real-time feedback will make the devices significantly smarter and enable new experiences. "
The cameras create a comprehensive optical depth solution and the new D4 vision processor can process complex depth data in real time. With support from RealSense SDK 2.0 - first introduced as a cross-platform and open source software development kit - can be used in both indoor and outdoor cameras and in all lighting conditions. The cameras are available as of today for $ 149 for the D415 camera and $ 179 for the D435
The new depth cameras are designed for a variety of uses:
• Robotics: Retail robots, such as Simbe's Tally, equipped with a computer vision that allows them to navigate through the supermarket crossings and perform independent product reviews and analysis on the shelves, will allow store managers to gain more insight into inventory status while focusing on customers and overall operations.
• Smart Shelves: Providing image recognition to store shelves will allow retailers to gain real-time insight into product performance right off the shelf. In this way, sales representatives and store employees can reduce shelf failures and thereby contribute to improved revenue and customer experience.
• In-store digital signage, which uses face recognition, will allow retailers to deliver more targeted real-time content to influence customer buying decisions based on characteristics such as gender, age group, and duration of stay.
Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is based on Intel's RealSense technology. This is an innovative device for monitoring the physical fitness of the user and combines scales and shows smarts that scan the body of the user and create a map of the composition of the body. This information is used to illustrate the changes that occur in the body as a result of physical activity and to monitor the levels of fat and the scales for the purpose of buying clothes and maintaining weight



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