he unemployment rate continues to fall; The average salary in high-tech - NIS 30,000 a month


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech May 3, 2022

The data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that by narrow definition, the unemployment rate reached only 2.9% in the first half of April, compared with 3.4% in March and 3.8% before the corona crisis. Labor, stood at only 4.4%, compared to 4.8% in March, however, the employment rate was 61.0%, compared to 61.3% in the second half of March.
By narrow definition, at the beginning of April there were only 120.3 thousand unemployed in Israel, compared with 259.3 thousand unemployed in the second half of March, when the rate was still 3.7%, similar to that measured at the beginning of 2020, on the eve of the corona. It is estimated that the unemployment rate is falling sharply due to a return to full activity in the economy, the very high growth, which reached more than 8%, the cessation of unemployment benefits and the demand for workers in many occupations in the economy.
In total, in the first half of April, there were 6,657,700 people aged 15 and over who could work by international definition. 4,192,5000, which is 63%, were included in the labor force (worked or were looking for work) and 2,465,200 men and women were not included in the labor force, a relatively high rate worldwide, mainly due to low employment rates of ultra-Orthodox men and Arab women.
At the same time, the CBS published data on the average wage per employee job in Israel, which stood at NIS 12,052 in February this year, compared with NIS 11,781 in January and 11,772 in 2021. The high-tech celebration continues with an average wage of NIS 30,049 - a jump of 5.9% compared to February 2021. , And a jump compared to January - when the average salary in high-tech was NIS 27,310. Scientific research and development workers even brought home NIS 40,992 a month and programming and consulting workers in the field of computers and other services earned a gross NIS 31,154 per month.
In the whole economy, excluding high-tech workers, at the top of the list are ranked by a large margin employees of the information and communication industry with a gross monthly salary of NIS 28,564. Financial services workers earned NIS 20,614 and workers in the electricity and water industries earned NIS 20,221.
As always, hospitality and food service workers lock up the list of wage earners with only NIS 5,427 brought home in February. In front of them are various service workers with a salary of NIS 5,977 and employees of management and support services with a monthly salary of NIS 6,536.
The number of employee jobs was 3.833 million in February, a significant increase of 16.3% compared to February 2021, when the economy emerged from the third closure.



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