Required: Measures that will require communications companies to implement cyber defense plans


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech May 2, 2022

Communications Minister Yoaz Handel and the head of the national cyber network, Gabi Portnoy, announced in a joint statement to the media, a series of measures that will require communications companies to prepare and implement cyber defense plans that will first include an orderly and unified system that will strengthen defense levels and actively prepare for cyber attacks.
The decision was made after a hearing last August in the Ministry of Communications, according to which the licenses of the communications companies will be amended and provisions and a number of milestones will be set for managing cyber defense, which will reduce the risk of cyber attacks on communications networks and reduce the damage to companies' services and subscribers. 

As is well known, communication services are used by many entities in the economy that transmit and store a great deal of information in them. The risks arising from cyber attacks against the communications companies are damage or shutdown of the communications services, leakage or damage to the information stored in the communications companies.
In addition, Minister Handel announced that SpaceX's Starlink project, which provides satellite internet and is owned by Elon Musk, will soon begin operating in Israel through an official representative office. However, he said, the high cost of joining the service will not create competition in the local market, as the cost of connecting to a home Internet in Israel is significantly cheaper.
"The State of Israel suffers from thousands of cyber attacks, some of them attempts against critical infrastructure and we know of intentions to launch further attacks. "The communications market is the conduit on the way to the economy and the public and therefore a comprehensive regulation is needed that will raise the level of national readiness."
"There is no vital infrastructure that does not sit on a server connected to a media pipeline. Recent attacks show that state and other entities identify communications infrastructure as a preferred destination on the way to strategic objectives. Proper management of protection against the public interest is necessary today. "Braking and recovery are among the best there is, thus protecting the communications services that the public receives from potential damages from cyber attacks," Handel added.
According to Gabi Portnoy, head of the national cyber network: "The joint initiative will take the country's level of protection a step further and will be a kind of iron dome that provides an additional layer of protection for the entire economy. Cyber ​​has no boundaries. "In the last month we have seen a significant increase in attack waves aimed at creating an artificial load on websites to bring about their downfall. The level of readiness of communications providers for such attacks and other attacks also affects their customers' level of protection."
Principles of regulation:
* Formulation of a comprehensive protection plan, including protection of the communications network and a combination of monitoring, monitoring and control mechanisms that make it possible to establish an up-to-date picture of cyber protection while ensuring information privacy, data integrity and service availability.
* Keeping the program up-to-date and relevant and implementing intrusion prevention systems.
Dealing with cyber incidents including identifying the incident, bridging, recovering, returning to routine and performing periodic cyber exposures to identify technological information security vulnerabilities.
* Imposing responsibility on the board of directors for approving the cyber defense management plan and for the CEO to chair a steering committee for the actual implementation of the plan.
Creating reporting mechanisms and procedures for entities inside and outside the organization by formulating appropriate procedures.
* Implementation and practice of the program among the managers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors of the licensee.
* The Ministry of Communications has set in the licenses of the communications companies the provisions for managing cyber protection differentially, so that the regulatory burden is proportional to the risk.



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