Netanyahu: all citizens who leave the house must wear a mask - and a family will be given a grant


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Apr 1, 2020

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening declared that all citizens who leave the house "must wear a mask or scarf," also announced a grant to be given to every family with children and the elderly. In addition, the restriction on traffic to and from Bnei Brak was announced.
Treasury officials said they were surprised by the promises of special grants and found out just minutes before the statement. PM Olmert asked Israeli citizens to wear masks at every exit from home, or to cover their faces with cloth, two days after Ynet revealed that the Ministry of Health is expected to order citizens to wear masks.
The director general of the Ministry of Health said in a special statement: "You should not go shopping, you can improvise at home, I improvised one like this. Save the masks to the medical teams. You can take a piece of cloth with two rubber bands and cover the face, it works. "
 The Prime Minister also addressed the fight against the spread of the Corona in Bnei Brak and announced the restriction of traffic to and from the city, as well as other areas of the country, such as neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv.
"I instructed all the offices to provide special assistance to Bnei Brak," Netanyahu announced. "We restrict traffic to Barak buildings to prevent adherence. Inside Bnei Brak, it is possible to move according to the guidelines throughout the country. I know this is difficult, but it is for the benefit of the residents, not just their health, for the lives of all Israeli citizens."
Prime Minister Olmert clarified that "there is a revolution in the ultra-Orthodox community that is clearly addressing the danger of the Corona's spread. At the same time, the isolates are being turned into hotels. "
The Prime Minister also announced a special grant to be given to families with children. According to Netanyahu, every family with children will receive NIS 500 for each child, including the fourth child. Each senior citizen will receive an additional NIS 500 for the monthly allowance. He said the grants would go directly into the bank. "The government will submit a bill to the Knesset on this matter and I urge all parts of the House to support it," he added. The estimated value of the grants is NIS 1 billion.
The Director General of the Ministry of Health also pointed to a change in the behavior of the ultra-Orthodox sector in the fight against Corona: "I see a company that understands that the problem has come and that the entire leadership and the public have grasped themselves and profoundly changed their behavior. You see their leadership and the public changing behavior and having to reach out to them virtual. "
Addressing allegations of aid to the self-employed, he said: "I said we hear the cry of the self-employed and facilities, for example, you can get a grant for self-employed from the age of twenty-28, one of the things you hear. We hear the cry of the affected businesses and we follow a compensation model."
The Prime Minister again addressed the citizens and asked them to celebrate the Seder in their home and not to travel elsewhere. "You are only required to have a Seder and Passover with the nuclear family that is with you now. That is, only with those who are already with you at home, because a small order is a safe order. This year, more than ever, we will celebrate the Passover celebration of our Ancestors in Egypt - Passover at home. ".
"Every father and mother will make the Passover with the children who live in the same home, keeping strict hygiene rules," Netanyahu added. "Don't bring home the student son who is in Be'er Sheva, in the Galilee and not at home, or the soldier's daughter, because you have to understand. We do not control all the possible infections that the son or daughter will bring home, so you will be infected. It's hard but no choice."



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