Renovation of buildings known as TAMA 38 will expire in five years - May 2025


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Nov 5, 2019

The government's plan to renovate buildings to strengthen them and allow them to withstand earthquakes A plan known as the "TAMA 38" expires in May 2022, but will only finish completely in 5 years because local municipalities who wish to keep the plan going can follow the plan until May 2025. Provided they advance A local plan for urban renewal program which was recently approved.
The decision was passed by a majority of 22 against one opponent - Interior Ministry Representative Elad Lev, Director of the Planning Department of the Ministry. Lev's position surprised those in attendance because it was the opposite of local government. While the heads of local government requested that the  TAMA38th be canceled within a year, Lev requested that it will be extended for another 5 years. In addition, he also wanted to continue the exemption from the praise levy that the program currently provides. The surprise of his position stems from the fact that the Interior Ministry is expected to reflect the position of local government, and certainly not to present an opposite position in the interest of local authorities.
Head of National Housing and National Planning and Building Council Chairman Ze'ev Bielski: "After countless discussions and thinking, I welcome the extension of the 38th TEMA for a three-year termit. IT is a life-saving plan that strengthens buildings. We have the responsibility to create certainty in the housing market and make changes in a way that the market can meet. The transition period will allow legislation and changes needed to create infrastructure for urban renewal projects across the country and with an emphasis on the periphery. "
Director of Planning, Dalit Silber: "TAMA 38 is a program that has lost its direction and therefore is ending. We are pleased that we have changed public discourse, in the direction of proper and high-quality planning that takes a comprehensive look at space on the one hand and preserving human life on the periphery on the other. Is over, but the Planning Administration's work is now promoting legislative changes that are requested in accordance with the outline presented. "
President of the Builders Association, Raul Sarogo commented: "We are again warning that the decision to extend the two-and-a-half years will not be enough, and we will continue to fight for its extension, expansion and acceleration to both the periphery and the center of the country. Unfortunately, missiles are real, and as long as there is no viable alternative, it would be irresponsible to cancel the NCA. We believe that solutions to the challenges and problems raised by the local authorities and raised by the planning director should be produced, but this must be done as the NCA 38 continues to exist.




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