"Israel has capabilities to locate, monitor and thwart attempts to intervene in the elections"


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jan 8, 2019

Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman has warned in recent days that a foreign country intends to intervene in the Israeli elections, according to the Channel 12 news agency.
Argaman said at a conference of the Friends of Tel Aviv University that the attack could be carried out in cyberspace by hackers. The Shin Bet explained that "the State of Israel and the intelligence community have the tools and capabilities to locate, monitor and thwart attempts to influence foreign influence, if any. The ability of the Israeli defense establishment to allow the existence of democratic and free elections in the State of Israel. "
Following the publication of Argaman's remarks, MK Yoel Hasson, who is also a member of the Central Elections Committee, appealed to Judge Hanan Meltzer, who is the sole authority in the law to deal with the issue of election purity.
State Comptroller Yosef Haim Shapira announced earlier that his ministry is in the midst of preparations for the audit, which will deal with a range of aspects of cyberspace, ahead of the upcoming election campaign. In his appearance at the annual conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the State Comptroller said that "the criticism of the elections for the 21st Knesset, including the primaries, presents us with a new, important and essential challenge." Shapiro said that "a large part of the election propaganda is currently being carried out on social networks and on the Internet, so this is a difficult challenge to implement." However, criticism that does not adapt to the spirit of the age becomes irrelevant.
According to Shapira, the issue of running the election process itself is "a cornerstone of the public's confidence in Israeli democracy that the election results must reflect the will of the voter. "Therefore, I instructed all the elements in my office to prepare for the criticism of the social networks and the cyberspace, as well as to examine the preparedness of the authorities to defend themselves against attack," Shapira added. Cyber ​​on the computerized systems required for the proper conduct of the election process. "



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