The Water Authority Board: water rates for domestic consumption will rise by approximately 3.5%


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Nov 3, 2022

The Water Authority Board announced today (Thursday) that it is putting to a public hearing the increase in water rates for domestic consumption by approximately 3.5% starting in January 2023, among other things following a sharp increase in electricity prices and a 2% increase in the price index. This is alongside the increase in investments in the water sector in Israel. A final decision will be made in December.
According to the proposal, the rate for a known quantity (the low rate) will be NIS 7.874 per cubic meter from January (instead of NIS 7.608 per cubic meter) and the rate for any additional quantity (the high rate) will be approximately NIS 14.057 per cubic meter (instead of NIS 13.582 per cubic meter ).
According to the Authority, this rate change for an average family of 4 people that consumes about 16 cubic meters per month at a cost of about NIS 135 means an increase in the cost of about NIS 5 for the monthly water and sewer bill which will now be about NIS 140 per month.
Check discounts available to special populations if you fall under this definition. Among other things, you can get a discount from the local water corporation for a water farm where more than two people live.
The increase in price of 5 shekels that the water authority is talking about, originates from a calculation that is not suitable for every household, since the consumption varies between households and also varies greatly between water households of 4 people.
The authority emphasizes that the water tariff in Israel is one of the lowest in the world. The authority also stated that "about 70% of the drinking water in Israel is produced artificially through desalination facilities. The process of producing water in these facilities requires a lot of electricity and as a result, the price of electricity is a significant component of the expenses of the water sector in Israel and has a direct effect on the water tariff in Israel.
 Alongside this, there is an increase in the costs of the water sector resulting from investments by the water and sewerage corporations, updating the costs of water treatment plants, and additional payments required as part of continued assessments for the absorption of desalinated seawater, which maintain a stable and sustainable management of the water sector, for example: Sorek B desalination plant, The largest in Israel (about 200 m3 per year) and one of the largest in the world, is expected to enter into operation during 2023, something that is of course also reflected in the tariff."
Even last June, despite a promise of a discount, water became more expensive, although at a slightly lower rate. So it was an increase in the price of about 8-10 AZ per cubic meter and an average increase in rates of about NIS 1.5 per month per family.
The water rate hearing came before the official electricity rate hearing. As the price of electricity goes up (and it will go up), water will become even more expensive. Mekorot alone is the largest electricity consumer in the country with 4-5% of the demand.



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