Bus drivers strike was limited by Regional Labor Court and will take place between 05:00 - 08:30


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jun 19, 2022

Yesterday on Sunday it was supposed to be the most difficult morning of public transport in years, centered on two consecutive strikes by two different drivers' organizations, in different cities and at different times. But the Regional Labor Court did not approve the strike of the striking drivers who belong to the Histadrut's Transportation Drivers' Organization, and decided to issue restraining orders against them. The planned strike for Monday between 10: 00-12: 00, at present, will not take place. On the other hand, the strike of "Koach LaOvedim" was approved and will take place between 5:00 and 8:30 on the Jerusalem Envelope lines and in the northern region.
The Histadrut argued on Tuesday that the reasons for the court's disagreement with the strike were illegitimate and were made after judges saw last Friday the nature of its drivers 'strike, which included burning tires and blocking roads - things we have not yet seen in the workers' power organization Disabling. The organization even filed an appeal against the decision that the court will hear today at 17:00, when the organization believes that the appeal will be accepted and they will be able to demonstrate again starting next week.
On the other hand, the Tel Aviv Labor Law Court has allowed drivers unionized by the workers' union to strike today between 5:00 and 8:30 a.m., for the third week in a row. The strike during the peak hours of the morning traffic is expected to disrupt the lives of passengers from several cities across the country.
This morning, the workers' power organization will shut down most of the Jerusalem Envelope lines, so that lines from Givat Zeev, Mevaseret Zion, Gush Etzion, Kiryat Arba, Binyamin Regional Council. Ma'ale Adumim, Jerusalem-Ariel will not operate. In the north, the matron resides in Haifa, as well as many bus lines in the cities of Afula, Tiberias, Migdal Haemek, Yokneam, Beit She'an, Dalit El Carmel, Isfiya and the Megiddo Regional Council.
If that was not enough, and in contrast to dealing with the Histadrut organization, after two strikes led by a workers' power organization in relative silence, the court allowed the organization another strike each week, which will take place two days later, on Wednesdays, during those hours.
The strikes of these two organizations, it should be noted, are completely different from each other, both because their heads take different approaches and they are because each is at a different stage of negotiations with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance to raise drivers' salaries and other demands.
Both organizations have launched sanctions, due to the fact that drivers have long demanded a dramatic improvement in their salaries, recognition of them as public servants, which would lead to legal proceedings against their attackers, and dramatic action to stop the violence against drivers. They also asked to install toilets at each terminal.
While the Ministry of Transport expresses empathy for the drivers' problems, they distinguish between the two types of demonstrations. According to them, the Histadrut organization is more personally attacking Minister Michaeli. A source in the ministry said "from the demonstrations of the Histadrut, a political tone is being strengthened against the minister."
Forcing the workers to report that "the Minister of Transport is talking about some indemnity for companies that will raise drivers' salaries already this year. We welcome any shift in the right direction, but demand an explicit commitment that will also allow companies to act, including clarifying the amount of indemnity and when." For crumbs. "
"We are hearing new statements from the Ministry of Transportation following our strikes. This is a positive trend, but at this stage thousands of drivers are demanding clear answers." Promovich added that "companies know what we demand of them. Only a clear and significant improvement in wages will allow the strikes to end."



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