the government express the appreciation of Israeli society to the industrial leaders


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jul 9, 2018

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, the leaders of the industry were presented as part of a festive event at the President's Residence in Jerusalem and in the presence of President Reuven Rivlin. The award was awarded to Stef Wertheimer, Yossi Vardi, Dan Propper, Sami Sagol, Maxine Fassberg, Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel, Giora Ackerstein, Rim and Imad Yunes, Shimon Eckhaus and Morris Kahn.
The award is intended to express the appreciation of Israeli society to industry leaders who have contributed significantly to the development of Israeli industry in various industrial sectors and throughout the country, and their efforts to promote and develop the Israeli economy, employment and economy throughout the country's 70 years.
The event was attended by the President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Shraga Brosh, Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Shai Rinsky, Director General of the Manufacturers' Association, Robi Ginel, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Authority for Innovation, Ami Appelbaum, Investment Authority Nahum Itzkovich, Director of the Foreign Trade Administration Ohad Cohen and senior officials in the Ministry of Economy, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
The awards were awarded to industry leaders who worked to promote the industry in the category of advanced technology or innovation and the industrial sector. The list of winners was compiled by expert committees.
President of the State of Israel, Rivlin, said to the winners: "Immigrants and children of the land, Jews and Arabs, because of your boldness, the blessed" chutzpah of Israel, "entire industries have been established. , I want to put away the machines and chips, the telephone directories, the production lines, the tiny components and the innovative processes, and remind you of some other old and good words that make you and I much more than industry leaders. , Mission, education, dedication, involvement, on paper are boring words More than innovation, Israeli chutzpah, or a start-up. "But you, my dear friends and my dear friends, will know more about them, and you are an example of their close ties. The President added: "A thick thread of responsibility connects you, the responsibility you took on creating jobs, the responsibility you took upon yourself to integrate all the groups in Israel into the various industries, and no less, the responsibility you chose to carry to the next generation. Not only through innovative inventions, but first and foremost through people, and that you know very well. "
Stef Wertheimer founded and managed Iscar for metal processing tools and blades for aviation until it was sold to Ward Buffet's holding company for $ 6 billion.
Giora Ackerstein manages and leads Ackerstein Industries for 60 years. Ackerstein contributed to the development of a magnificent and advanced industry in the field of concrete and building. Three of the most advanced factories in their fields are located in Yeruham, Hatzor Haglilit and Ashdod, employing hundreds of workers.
Dan Proper, CEO and Chairman of Osem, which leads the food industry in development, innovation and production standards. The company employs approximately 5000 workers in 9 plants.
Maxine Fassberg, former CEO of Intel Israel and vice president of Intel Israel, is currently responsible for a merger between Intel and Intel, which led to the establishment of Intel plants in Kiryat Gat, the largest and most significant investments in Israel in general and in the periphery in particular. A book in Jerusalem, joined Intel as an engineer and developer and gradually climbed the entire scale.
Yossi Vardi, serial entrepreneur, leader of the start-up industry. Founded his first company at the age of 26 and since then for almost half a century has initiated more than 85 ventures in a variety of industries.
Zohar and Yehuda Zisapel, are synonymous with Israeli high tech and inspired by many others. The RAD Group, under their leadership, was fertile ground for encouraging entrepreneurship and yielded more than 100 different projects.
Morris Kahn founded the technology company Amdocs, which develops software and services for customer billing, is considered one of Israel's flagship companies.

Sami Sagol developed Keter Plastic from a small factory in Jaffa to an international conglomerate with 4,000 employees in 30 plants around the world. He was born in Turkey and immigrated to Israel when he was 15 years old. He is involved in philanthropy in Israel, especially in the fields of health and brain research.
The Reem brothers and Imad Yunes are active in the field of equal opportunities in Israeli society and are active in many social organizations. In 1993, Reem and Imad Yunes founded the Alpha Omega company, which deals in the field of neuroscience, which over the years has become a global company and one of the world's leading companies in the field of neurosurgery. The company's products help brain surgeons navigate their way to a single cell in the brain.
Shimon Eckhouse is behind Lumenis based on Eckhouse's invention of powerful light sources for aesthetic treatments. Lumenis is a global market leader with sales of $ 200 million worldwide.



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