Israel slightly corrected an impression of the failure: arrested 4 terrorists escaped from prison


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Sep 11, 2021

Israel has managed to slightly correct the impression of the huge failure that occurred six days ago. Six Islamic Jihad and Fatah terrorists managed to escape from Gilboa Prison. Among the Palestinians, they felt that they had succeeded in embarrassing the State of Israel greatly. They were right. The six apparently did not receive assistance outside the prison walls nor did they plan what they would do when they managed to escape from prison. They also did not receive the cooperation of the Arab citizens of Israel. It is important to note this today.
Still an end to the search for the "symbol of the intifada" - hours after the capture of two other terrorists: Zakaria Zabeidi, who escaped from Gilboa prison earlier this week, was captured tonight (Friday to Saturday) at the end of a five-day manhunt. Zabeidi was arrested along with Muhammad Qassem 'Arda, another terrorist who fled earlier this week, in the town of Umm al-Ghanem on Mount Tabor. The two were stopped by members of the Northern District Police Special Anti-Terrorism Unit while hiding under truck carts in a truck parking lot during an overnight tour of several villages in the Valley area. The GSS was also assisted in the arrest of the two.
Muhammad Qassem Araida, 39, is an Islamic Jihadist who has been sentenced to life in prison since 2002. The 45-year-old Zabeidi, the only one identified with Fatah among the terrorists who escaped from prison earlier this week, is considered a symbol of the Jenin refugee camp and the second intifada. In 2019, a lengthy indictment was filed against him describing how the man who joined the Palestinian Authority Prisoners' Office became a sympathetic ear for those who wanted to harm Israeli targets in Judea and Samaria.
The arrest of Zabeidi and Arda took place hours after the capture of Yaakov Mahmoud Qadri and Mahmoud Abdullah Arda, members of the Islamic Jihad, who escaped from Gilboa Prison earlier this week. The two were captured last night by patrol officers in the area of ​​Jump Mountain in Nazareth. According to police, they were apprehended after contacting citizens in the area and asking them for food and help. Large forces were rushed to the area, and in scans conducted at the scene, the two were located.
The two terrorists who have not yet been apprehended are Iham Naif Kamaji (35) who was convicted of causing the death of Eliyahu Asheri and imprisoned in 2006 for life imprisonment, and Monadel Yaakov Infiat (26) who has been imprisoned since 2019.
After the capture of the terrorists in Nazareth, about a thousand Palestinians rioted in 11 hotspots in the West Bank - and a rocket was fired at a cluster from the Gaza Strip, with no casualties. At the Jalama crossing north of Jenin, live ammunition was fired at IDF forces, and south of Hebron, fighters fired at suspects who threw Molotov cocktails at a military post - hitting one of them. There were no casualties among the forces.
Following the events, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened a special situation assessment with senior IDF and police officers in the north. In addition to Prime Minister Bennett, Minister of Internal Security Amar Bar-Lev, Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai and other senior officials also participated in the night assessment. Police Commissioner Shabtai arrived at the place where Zbeidi and Arda were apprehended along with the Northern District Police Chief Superintendent Shimon Lavi, and they met the IDF staff who arrested the two who escaped from Gilboa Prison.
The six terrorists managed to escape through a hole dug in the floor of their armored cell services in Gilboa Prison, on the night between Sunday and Monday, and have since been involved in the hunt for them - one of the largest in recent years - all security forces. For the time being, the security forces are continuing the hunt for the last two prisoners who escaped and have not yet been apprehended - Iham Naif Kamaji (35) who was convicted of murdering Eliyahu Asheri from Itamar and imprisoned in 2006 for life, and Monadel Yaakov Infiat (26).



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