Life in Israel becomes more expensive: Egg prices will rise by 6.5%


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jun 9, 2021

The new government has not yet been formed and the wave of prices increase is already being felt in Israel. The price increases are mainly reflected in the supermarket: egg prices will rise by 6.5%, according to the joint price committee of the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture. This is an increase of 6.25 agorot (the Israeli cent) for a large-sized egg (L) and 75 ag, an addition to a mold of a dozen eggs, which will cost from NIS 11.30 to NIS 12.05. This size makes up 50% of the market.
The price of a mold of a dozen eggs of medium size (M) will increase by 75 ag from NIS 10.40 to NIS 11.15, an increase of 7.2%. The price of a mold of a huge-sized egg (XL) will increase by 70 ag from NIS 12.40 to NIS 13.10, an increase of about 6%.
Egg prices in Israel are monitored by the state. Prices of eggs that are not under the supervision order, such as organic eggs, free-range eggs and enriched eggs - are higher than the prices of the eggs under supervision. According to the agreement with the state, as soon as there is a change in the costs of the breeders which is higher than 5%, the breeders turn to the state and the price of eggs rises or falls.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this is the first increase in prices after seven years in which two declines in egg prices were recorded. The update will take effect after the publication of the final recommendation of the Joint Prices Committee and the signing of the order by the Ministers.
The Ministry of Agriculture stated that: “The increase in egg prices has been calculated in accordance with the ongoing update procedure of the supervised product that takes into account the changes in egg production and marketing costs since the last update in line with changes in input indices during this period.
"Since the last update, there has been an increase in production costs: the cost of egg production per tower has risen by 9.9% following a 17% increase in blend prices affected by the rise in world grain prices. In eggs over 70% of product cost The marketer's commission increased by 1.8% for retail packaging and by 2.5% for institutional packaging, and the retail margin increased by an average of 3.6%. "
As early as May, poultry farmers announced a rise in the prices of chicken and eggs due to the rising prices of corn and soy in the world, as well as due to the steep rise in sea transport prices. They asked for an egg price at 4 a.m. and since then they claim the costs have only gone up.
"The price of the eggs was supposed to rise even before Passover, but we have waited until now," Moti Alkabetz, secretary of the Poultry Breeders' Association, told Ynet at the time. "We did not want to spoil the holiday."
Price increases are also expected in the sale of electrical products and in other areas where increases in imports and transportation have risen recently.



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