industrial resource efficiency center will increase investment in pollution reduction


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jun 9, 2018

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have initiated the establishment of an industrial resource efficiency center, with a budget of NIS 51 million, which will assist and provide industry consultancy and know-how in order to increase investment in pollution reduction and pollution reduction solutions, The initiative to establish the center came up as a need for industry and was also supported by the green organizations.
In recent years we have witnessed countless difficulties encountered by Israeli industry, some of which stem from environmental challenges that require high investments and the shift of administrative attention from managing production processes and promoting innovation and productivity. Over the last decade, Israeli industry has invested approximately NIS 3 billion annually in order to meet the challenges of the environment. Most of the environmental investments in Israel, about 87%, were directed to end-of-pipe solutions at the end of the production process, rather than through improved production, energy efficiency, or energy efficiency. These investments are deviations from what is accepted worldwide, according to the OECD, where on average about 50% of the investments are directed to the source (as opposed to Israel - about 13%). This situation created a significant opportunity for the industry, which does not reach its full potential, to promote investments in the source that will yield environmental and economic benefits to the plants, as is customary worldwide.
The Ministry of Economy has set itself the goal of promoting a growing and environmental industry that will develop and thrive near population centers. The way to achieve this goal is by assimilating the economic rationale within the framework of the environmental demands that are directed to the industry from public opinion, local authorities and the government.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Industrial Administration has formulated a national program for streamlining resources and a circular economy in industry, whose goal is to motivate the industry towards more efficient use of resources and the treatment of environmental problems by new technological means,
• Raw. At the same time, it helps the environment by reducing waste, preventing pollution and reducing resource consumption.
• Within the framework of the investment program of the Investment Authority (a budget of NIS 100 million), investments in the source and resource efficiency will be included in the business plan that will be submitted by the establishment, and insofar as there is a proven contribution to improving the productivity.
• During the coming year, the Industrial Administration will promote several additional programs to assist the recycling industry, promote sustainable industrial zones, support product life cycle assessment and green procurement.
And early production, thereby turning environmental demands into opportunities rather than industry burdens.
• Alongside the establishment of the Center for Efficiency in Industrial Resources, the Ministry of Economy is carrying out several other activities, including:
• Encouraging industrial symbiosis with a budget of NIS 5 million. The Ministry of Economy launched a tender aimed at moving the market toward a circular economy and creating added value to the industry through cooperation between industry sources for the use of byproducts, waste and emissions. Industrial symbiosis produces tremendous savings potential for industry and economy by reducing waste handling costs and saving materials
Oz Katz, Director, Industrial Management, Ministry of Economy: "In order to promote a growing and environmental industry, we must leverage the environmental requirements of the industry to promote efficiency and innovation. The program will include dedicated assistance tools alongside the promotion of enabling regulation. The transition of the Israeli economy to an efficient economy with resources will bring lasting benefits to it and will enable a more robust, productive and innovative economy. Many plans for streamlining resources are already being promoted in the G7 countries, China and the European Union. Now it is Israel's turn to create this opportunity for industry in global markets. "
Galit Cohen, Senior Deputy Director General for Planning, Strategy and Strategy at the Ministry of Environmental Protection: "The Center for Resource Efficiency is the product of several years of work conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection together with the Ministry of Economy and similar centers in Europe. We estimate that the investment in the center will yield significant improvements in the industry's environmental performance, as well as savings of hundreds of millions of shekels a year in raw materials for industry, which constitute more than 40% of the operating expenses of the plants. "



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