Kite terrorism becomes significant: the damage amounts to more than NIS 5 million


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jun 8, 2018

Kite terrorism becomes significant as the number of fire-kites increases. The Palestinians invest less than NIS 5 in a kite, but the damage they cause amounts to hundreds of thousands of shekels.
More than 1,200 acres of wheat went up in flames. In addition, orchards and irrigation systems were burned. 3,000 acres of natural woodland were also set on fire. The economic damage is estimated at NIS 5 million.
At the beginning of the week, reports came from the government about the start of compensation payments for damages, but beyond compensation, there is also the emotional state, a situation in which a farmer sees how the grain he worked on burned in
In a few moments.
Danny Rahamim, a farmer in the Nahal Oz field, where more than 1,000 dunams were burned in the wake of kite terrorism, says: "It's a very difficult feeling. It's very frustrating. It's just standing helpless in front of this thing. It's a two-month job that goes down the drain in a few minutes. , It is impossible to describe this pain and anyone who is not a farmer can not understand. "
At the beginning of the week, kite terrorism increased, with one of the kites discovered as a bomb cache.
The farmers are trying on their own to fortify the fire and not let it advance. "This is called 'fire bars', the agricultural tool with which we work is called a 'discus', this tool turns the earth, About four meters and turn around the wheat that is already burnt and burning, forming a circle and using the circle, preventing the spread of the fire onward and in this ground stops, as opposed to wheat that promotes the fire

The IDF's experiments in intercepting fire-kite-flying by means of multicopter drone proved to be a failure because of the low success rates, but the army continues to use the drones against the fire-kites.

 The IDF views the continuation of the attempts seriously and is determined to continue to carry out the defense missions as necessary
In the IDF, Hamas is solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and if it chooses to continue to act on the path of terror instead of solving the hardships of the residents of the Gaza Strip, it will pay a heavy price.



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