Since the day the closure began a total of 99,234 new jobseekers were registered


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jan 11, 2021

The Employment Service reports this morning (Monday) that in the last day 18,566 new jobseekers were registered, with 39,308 unemployed registered since the closure and since Sunday, 27.12.2020, the day the closure began, a total of 99,234 new jobseekers were registered.
The update also shows that 81,923 of the unemployed were released on unpaid leave, and their share of all new job seekers is 82.5%, while 17,311 of them have been fired or resigned and their share stands at 17.5% of all registrants since the closure began.

Service notes that since the beginning of the closure sales workers have been the main victims and their rate among registrants since the beginning of the third closure stands at 19.9%. However, since the last day, the main casualties are workers in the fields of education, teaching and training, which constitute 22.4%. The service also emphasizes that the rate of unemployment in the fields of education has more than quadrupled since the tightening of the closure, when on Thursday rates stood at only 5.1%.
In a direct context of this, we will mention that the Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, said last week in an interview that "I am against the German model. I am in favor of giving an employee an incentive to return to work."
Z argued that "what good would it do if I gave the employer money? It would not work. If hundreds of thousands now go out because the malls are closed, the shops close, no one who closes will hold the employee even if you pay him a third of the salary. And return them to work immediately upon completion of the closure. "Opening the economy is the main remedy, when the vaccines reach a significant level, incentives will be given and we will bring everyone back to work, but neither collective punishment nor German law will give the employer money that he does nothing with when it is closed."
In a model like the German or Canadian that will leave workers in their workplaces for the next two weeks, at least, employers will lay off and take tens of thousands of workers on unpaid leave during the closure period.



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