Approved: first faze in easing the Closure - Kindergartens for children up to six will reopen


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Oct 15, 2020

The Corona Cabinet on Thursday approved the first phase of easing the general closure. According to the Cabinet decision, educational institutions for children up to the age of six will return to activity, as well as businesses that are not audience recipients. In addition, the restriction that only one thousand meters away from the place of residence is allowed will be removed, and it will be possible to visit other people's homes.
In addition, takeaway services will be available in restaurants in addition to deliveries, beaches and nature reserves will be open to the general public, gatherings will allow up to 20 people in an open space, and up to ten in an enclosed space. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri voted against the decision.
The Cabinet further decided that the threshold condition for approval of the relief is a weekly average of 2,000 new patients per day, and an infection rate of 0.8. The decision stated that if the relief was followed by an increase in morbidity, the implementation of the relief would be stopped and steps would be taken to restrict it again.
At the corona cabinet meeting, disagreements arose between the ministers on various issues. Deri asked to approve weddings and funerals in the open with the participation of 200 people and presented the outline at the discussion. According to the proposal he submitted, a canopy ceremony will be defined as a gathering in an open area, without sitting and eating. The event will allow the participation of up to 200 people in defined capsules of 20 people and maintaining a distance of four meters between the capsules. In addition, Deri suggested that in events that include sitting and eating together, a maximum gathering of two capsules of 20 people at a distance of four meters between the capsules would be allowed.
During the hearing, an argument arose after the Minister of Welfare and Labor, Itzik Shmuli, said that weddings are a contagious factor. Deri said that "you do not understand the Jewish tradition and the importance of marriage and of spouses." Shmuli replied that "I do not underestimate your Judaism and you do not underestimate mine." Deri later asked, "So what do you want? This is a Jewish state," and Shmuli replied that "one should follow an epidemiological principle. Not according to anything else."
In addition, there was a dispute between the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto, and the Minister of Education, Yoav Galant. "All the Ministry of Health experts agree that the opening of the education system has caused a loss of control over the disease."
Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said at the end of the Corona cabinet that "we have pointed to the first stage of leaving the quarantine, because most Israeli citizens, from all sectors, cooperate, obey the instructions and the numbers are declining." He added that "these are low-risk operations, and yet - the epidemic is still here and I ask each and every one of you to continue to obey the instructions. The morbidity in Israel is still high and hundreds of people lose their lives every week."
Prime Minister Netanyahu announced in the Knesset that the closure is a great success for him and the government. He praised the conduct of the public. However, he warned that if the trend of improving the extent of the disease did not continue, the relief would stop.
 Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kish and Corona's Deputy Commissioner for Arab Society Ayman Saif are expected to meet with the chairman of the Knesset's Constitution Committee, MK Yaakov Asher (Torah Judaism). This is in order to seek to approve the new regulations even without the facilitations regarding weddings. An MK who announced earlier today that without an outline that would allow marriages - he would not approve the regulations approved in the cabinet.
Saif told ministers during a cabinet discussion that he opposes any relief on the issue of weddings, and claimed that this would be fatally damaged in the efforts to curb the corona in Arab society. He even addressed Minister Deri at the yeshiva and said: "One of our achievements as an Arab company is that we were able to block weddings - you will collapse it for us. What are 20 capsules? Only my family is 150 people. ".
The Private Kindergarten Forum welcomed the decision to open early childhood education institutions, but warned of a collapse. "After a long month of closure, we are ready to take the children back and help the parents return to work and move the wheels of the economy back," said forum leaders Adv. Keren Ohana Ios, Hanan Dagan and Ruthi Yonah.
"At the same time, more than 2,000 genes have been closed following the Corona crisis in the first closure and another 500 in the second closure. Many more genes are on the verge of collapse," they added. "We expect the Ministry of Finance to find a suitable solution in order to prevent the collapse of additional genes, which could lead to an increase in prices in the other genes."
However, the organizations operating the supervised day care centers have warned that they will not be able to return to activity on Sunday. "The supervised dormitories will not be able to open before Monday, and in some cases even on Tuesday. The procedure of returning the dormitory to activity is complex and takes several days, and although we warned about this so that parents would not be unnecessarily sad - the government waited as usual for the last minute."
They added that "we will work around the clock to bring back facts of illness, find a solution for those at risk, take care of cleaning and disinfecting dormitories and take care of everything necessary to ensure a quick and safe opening. This, while fully adhering to all guidelines. We will return to full activity during the week. "
The Histadrut also warned against a lack of preparation for the opening of early childhood education institutions on Sunday. "Unfortunately, the prime minister was unable to learn from the previous closure and is in a hurry to reopen the education system quickly, without adapting the kindergartens to the new situation and ignoring the kindergarteners and the Ministry of Health's positions. Our consistent position is that the state should decide the conditions for opening kindergartens. "And not the other way around. They are reopening due to public pressure, quickly and without proper preparation," they said.



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