The Knesset approved NIS 90 billion economic emergency plan with the assistance of the Arab MK's


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Apr 6, 2020

In a second and third reading, the Knesset approved the amendment to the State Basic Law, which would allow the government to increase its spending in the current fiscal year to budget the treatment of the Corona crisis. Without their support, the amendment would not have been approved. 
Right-wing members were absent from the vote, so the government initially had trouble recruiting sixty-one Knesset members required to approve a Basic Law amendment. Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz congratulated Knesset members on approving the amendment to the Budget Fundamentals Law. 

The Knesset approved the bill that anchors the NIS 90 billion economic emergency plan. Members of the right-wing faction were not in the plenum, probably due to the crisis between them and the Likud regarding the establishment of the government. The plenum was supposed to approve the law on second and third reading. The government sought 61 Knesset members to obtain the absolute majority needed to make changes to the Basic Law, which is the Transitional Government's Budget Fundamentals Law. Whoever responded to the government's request was actually the joint list that decided to support the law to give the people of Israel and the economy the amount of oxygen it longs for.
Knesset Member Oded Forer, Chairman of the Provisional Finance Committee: "The goal is to give the government the ability to budget needs during the Corona crisis. The government is working on a budget amounting to the 2019 budget and thus could not continue operating.
We did not agree to give up the ability of the Knesset to monitor the government and the fact that this will not be an unlimited budgetary framework. Any changes will be brought to the Finance Committee for approval. These are considerable sums of money.
Hak Ahmed Tibi from the joint list, addressing Bnei Gantz: Mr. Speaker, it is an interesting but tiring experience to conduct a meeting after a finance committee, we know it well, so you should give up the role quickly.
Knesset Member Tibi emphasized, "It turns out that at the end of the day when a human fateful decision needs to be made, we on the joint list first chose to vote in favor of a bill that the Israeli government is bringing to the Knesset.
Up to an hour ago, there were no 61 Hakim in the building. Without the 3 members of the shared list, without us the law would not pass. There are now 63 Hakim in the building. The Likud is passing this law through a request and vote of MKs who claim they are terrorist supporters. Are you ashamed to ask us to vote? Terrorists with suits are hardworking Knesset members, and I'm proud of my friends.
 Hakka Aida Toma Sliman: We insisted on speaking in order to convey a message. It is important for us to approve every budget to support civilians who are struggling with the disease, and also with the social disease when more and more citizens are in financial and social distress.
Hak Itzik Shmuli said that he was proud of this plan, and the members of the Knesset have not forgotten the medical staff, the lone soldiers, and the adults who are at risk. We were able to take the long-term nursing seniors and the adults who depend on income support - and raised the grant from NIS 500 to NIS 950.
MK Shlomo Qarai of the Likud said that the government's economic plan has been supported on a wall-to-wall basis by all the factions.



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