State Comptroller approves Netanyahu to get a loan from a friend to cover legal expenses


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Sep 4, 2019

Netanyahu insisted, and succeeded: After the permit committee repeatedly rejected his request for funding for his legal protection from his associates, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received the long-sought approval from the new State Comptroller, Netanyahu Engelman. Englishman approved Netanyahu to take out $ 300,000 loan from Spencer Partridge businessman, "on market terms." In effect, an Englishman bypassed the permit committee next to his office, which refused to allow Netanyahu to receive donations from Partridge and his cousin Nathan Milikowski.
The State Comptroller's Office said that "former State Comptroller Yosef Shapiro has in principle approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's acceptance of the loan, conditional on the loan being granted in market conditions, conducting a conflict of interest arrangement in coordination with the government, and reporting on the annual capital statement."
It was also reported that, "Recently, the PM's attorneys transferred the prime minister's loan agreement to the lender, as well as the accompanying mortgage agreement. As part of the transfer of documents, the PM's attorneys stated that the loan was intended to cover the prime minister's legal expenses, as well as to finance the amounts. He is expected to respond to Mr. Malikowski, in accordance with details provided to the Attorney General. "
The prime minister's original request to allow him to receive assistance in financing his legal expenses from two nonresident foreigners - his cousin, Nathan Milikowski, and who was introduced as his close friend, Spencer Partridge - was filed in early July 2018.
On November 29, 2018, the Commission first rejected the application. This is based on previous decisions of the Commission, in various ensembles over the years, none of which permit the financing of legal expenses for the incumbent minister, and on the basis of principles laid down in similar cases.
It was held that "the financing of legal expenses is not the type of matter which is justified in granting a personal permit to deviate from the rules, and in general, this is not the type of matter" which is justified in the circumstances of the case and public in law "... As previously stated, unique and weighty personal circumstances are required to exceed this. Such circumstances were not presented to the Commission at all ... Financing legal expenses arising from criminal investigation, which includes fear of criminal acts in connection with various owners of capital, should not be done by owners of capital. 'The situation of a lady who pays money for a public office, it must be avoided And because of the semblance. "
On January 7, 2019, "another renewed application for aid to finance defense spending" was filed by the Prime Minister. This request raised funding from two of the aforementioned potential donors for a total of $ 2 million. In this request, it was first reported to the committee that the prime minister had already received $ 300,000 from Milikowski and suits and cigars from Mr. Partridge, without a permit.
On February 20, 2019, the additional application was denied. It was determined on the basis of the principle of the finality of the rules set out in the rules, as well as based on previous decisions of the Commission, that the prime minister must exhaust his own use of capital first, before making a request for donations: "Before turning to a donor to donate capital, he must exhaust his capabilities from his resources and equity. ".
Concurrent with the Prime Minister's request for a personal permit for donations to finance his legal protection from foreign businessmen, the Court ordered Netanyahu to repay the $ 300,000 he had already received from his cousin Nathan Milikowski.



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