Government price committee recommends: to raise the tuition by NIS 500 per month


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Aug 3, 2022

The government price committee recommended on Wednesday evening to raise the price of supervised nurseries by a high amount of NIS 500 per month. Ynet has learned that the ministers of finance and economy will not approve the recommendation: "This is a disproportionate harm to the public of parents." Failure to raise the price may result in at least some nurseries not opening.
Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister Orna Barbivay said that "the price committee's recommendation reflects the increase in the costs of operating daycare centers, but it has a budgetary burden and disproportionate and disproportionate harm to the parents. We will use all the means at our disposal to prevent harm of this magnitude to families, and this alongside It is our obligation to work for a smooth opening of the nurseries in September."
The supervised nurseries in which there was a significant increase. According to the recommendations, the monthly rate in a supervised nursery will be NIS 2,432, compared to about NIS 2,000 today. In addition, the committee recommended canceling the different rates for babies and children and establishing a uniform rate for all toddlers staying in the nursery.
"Semal" nurseries are educational therapeutic frameworks under the supervision of the labor branch of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, intended for children from the age of three months to three years. They operate mainly in the socio-economic periphery and are managed by nursing homes that have received operating approval. A significant number of parents depend on subsidies from the state so that they can send their children to preschools and go to work.
The nurseries operate in homes and provide services for a maximum of five children. About 3,700 Semal nurseries operate in Israel today, and about 18,300 children stay in them. Toddlers staying in nurseries are entitled to a subsidy from the state, the amount of which is determined according to their family's level of eligibility, or to a subsidy according to welfare procedures.
In response, the Union of Child Care Nurses said: "The increase in the rate, which means an increase in the nannies' salary, is an important step in improving the employment conditions of the 4,000 nannies and an important achievement for the Union of Child Care Nurses, following a petition to the High Court that the union submitted.
"Increasing the prices in nurseries is not permitted. This is a necessary move and the direction should be applauded, the nannies who operate the nurseries have not been 'entitled' to a rate update since 2009. The meaning is clear: in view of the price increases, the wages of the nannies will be eroded to nothing. The price of the erosion is already being paid by the toddlers and the parents: Since the nannies finance the expenses of the nurseries out of their own pockets, the workers will find it difficult to finance the purchase of basic products for the operation of the kindergarten, without an addition to the rate. If there is no change in the wages of the workers, the union is considering not starting the school year."



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