Kimberley Workers' Committee: We are leaving the Histadrut after more than 50 years


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Aug 11, 2022

About a month after Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David called for a consumer boycott due to the rising prices for Diplomat, Shastovitz, and Kimberly Clark, the response arrived: the employees of Kimberly Clark Israel decided to take revenge: to leave the Histadrut and move to the National Histadrut. There are about 1,000 employees.
The Kimberley Workers' Committee stated: "We have been unionized workers in the Histadrut for more than 50 years. We have paid a lot of money to the Histadrut every month, and what does it do with our money? Harms our livelihood, conducts PR campaigns on our backs, and spends millions that are thrown away on billboards, Buses, etc., calling for a boycott of our company, and personal promotion for Arnon Bar-David. It is unfathomable and unforgivable."

For the past month, Bar-David has been running a campaign to lower the cost of living in Israel and is directing his attacks, among other things, at the major importers. "Even before they want to raise the price, they make tens of percent more profit here than in other countries," said Bar-David about a month ago. "Why? Maybe we are suckers. Maybe we don't know how to consume properly and we don't all use our power as a Histadrut with 800,000 members, a million people around us, to produce the strongest consumer power in the State of Israel."
"I warned that if the backbiting continues I will not hesitate to act," Bar-David continued. "A company that recovers at the expense of the citizens of Israel will have to deal with the consequences of its actions by a consumer boycott that we will implement starting today. Shastowitz, a diplomat, Kimberly Clark - the celebration is over. We will go on the head of any such company. I call on the citizens of the State of Israel to stop to buy the products of your companies. There are substitutes and I would like to start being wise consumers and buy the substitutes that are available in every supermarket in the State of Israel." The Histadrut stated that they are not afraid that employees will be fired due to the boycott of the companies.
Also yesterday, the Histadrut continued their protest, when dozens of representatives of the Histadrut, social activists and citizens demonstrated in front of the house of the CEO of Shastowitz, Yoni Shastowitz, in the village of Shmarihu. This is in order to prevent the continuation of price increases. At the end of the week, they held similar protests in front of the houses of the CEO of Diplomat Noam Weiman in the Tzahala neighborhood in Tel Aviv and of the CEO of Shastowitz. Yesterday protest rallies were held in front of the homes of the president of the Association of Manufacturers Dr. Ron Tomer and the president of the Union of Chambers of Commerce Uriel Lin.



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