The government approved unanimously the law allowing to post cameras at polling stations


by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication Sep 8, 2019

After being unanimously approved at a government meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to waste time, bringing the camera law into the law book in the next few days. This is despite the opposition of the Central Election Commission and its chair and contrary to the position of Attorney General. The Knesset plenum will be convened as early as noon tomorrow to discuss the law on first reading.
The law will allow the various party activists to photograph the incoming voters on election day, already placed on the Knesset table. Netanyahu is planning to set up a special committee headed by MK Miki Zohar to advance the law and prepare him for voting in the plenum. Tomorrow the Likud will ask for an exemption from the discount requirement, set up the committee and approve it, and already bring the law to the first reading in the Knesset.
After the first reading, the committee will hold hearings throughout Tuesday, from morning to night. On Wednesday, the law will be voted on by a second and third reading, and it will enter the law book, the coalition hopes.
 State President Reuben Rivlin addressed the decision, saying it was "attempts to undermine public confidence." In his remarks, the president sought to strengthen the hands of members of the Central Election Commission and the Supreme Court President Justice Hanan Meltzer and the Supreme Court - following the "baseless and irresponsible political attacks they are currently experiencing."
"I sincerely reject the attempts to undermine public confidence in these bodies and the professionalism that leads them in the process of assessing the upcoming elections," the president noted. Rivlin added that throughout the state, the Election Commission has been professional and loyal. Commenting on the political assault on the Central Election Commission and the Judiciary, the President said: "The debate on this issue has a proper place and it must undoubtedly be conducted, in accordance with the changes that are taking place, in the reality in which we live."




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