Yes has received an Internet provider license, and will begin selling combined packages with T.V


by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication Jun 23, 2022

Yes has received an Internet provider license, and will begin selling combined packages of Bezeq's TV, provider and Internet infrastructure, Bezeq announced today (Thursday) to the stock exchange. The move will further shrink the customer base of Bezeq International (750,000 customers), which has already lost tens of thousands of customers in favor of Bezeq following the reform to abolish the separation between supplier and infrastructure. The reform actually helped Bezeq increase its power at the expense of its subsidiary.
Yes has 566,000 satellite TV subscriptions, and 275,000 subscriptions to TV over the Internet (yes + Westing TV), with the company intending to transfer all of its subscriptions to the Internet and cancel satellite services. As a result, the sale of packages that include a provider and Internet infrastructure along with TV services are significant for the continued operation of the company. yes is competing in a more competitive TV market, which will be rich in content streaming applications, some of which are international.
The company will be able to sell triples and bundles similar to its competitors HOT, Cellcom TV and Partner TV, which have apparently had an advantage over it in this field to date. Will its consumer prices be low due to its entry into competition? Not necessarily. The yes brand is positioned high on television (except for the low-cost Sting TV service), as is the Bezeq brand on the Internet. Bezeq sells very fast Internet on fiber optics at relatively high prices to the market (although there are specials) and at high connection fees. Expected to launch the triple - first quarter of 2023 (subject to an agreement with Bezeq International employees without whom they will not be able to establish the connection).
According to industry sources, this is good news mainly for Bezeq and not for Yes, since today television is a complementary product and the big profit is in the sale of Internet infrastructure on fiber optics.
Although this move will reduce Bezeq International's customer base, the brand will continue to operate in the private market and provide full service to its customers until they complete the contract with it. At this point the service to private customers will be closed and the company will become one that only serves businesses.



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