Chamber of Commerce president Uriel Lin: Amazon is running an unfair competition


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Nov 13, 2019

Chamber of Commerce president Uriel Lin is furious at the unfair competition, claiming that Amazon is running "Amazon's operation in Israel is designed to destroy competitors."
In a letter sent to the Competition Authority, Michal Halperin Lin claims that the limited deal with which Amazon went out, which offers free shipping in Kenya for more than $ 49 on Chinese Bachelor Day, created a state of unfair and unequal competition and the introduction of unfair competition Eliminate retailers who don't have Amazon's resources. "
Commentators estimate that Uriel Lin is not really furious about Amazon's marketing way because there are also Israeli actresses offering free shipping of the finds they sell on the Internet. Other international players operating in the country, such as Zara, also offer free shipping by buying very close to the amount that Amazon offers free shipping.
Other international sites also offer free shipping for packages of similar scope, including Next, Ali Express and Asus.
The president of the Chambers of Commerce seems to be concerned about Amazon's method, in which it is gaining market share through its huge and budgetary power, along with the possibility of enjoying tax-free shopping that becomes even more attractive in the face of non-cash shipping.

Chinese online sales giant Alibaba is on the way to capturing a new sales record. But in the US online trading giant Amazon is not standing aside and preparing for the two popular sales days Black Freidi and Cyber ​​Mandy. Just at Chinese Bachelor's Day (Nov. 11), Amazon unexpectedly launched a free shipping operation to Israel for items that cost more than $ 40. Not all products are included in the free shipping to Israel, but thousands of products in the various categories inside.
The Amazon International website now includes a new Hebrew translation. In a statement issued by Amazon, it notes that the Hebrew language option "will make it easier for its Hebrew-speaking customers, who live outside the US, to experience Amazon in their native language. This is a global Amazon site, not the recently launched Amazon Amazon platform, which includes only sellers in Israel. About the products included in the excellent promotion: "FREE Shipping to Israel". You can also search for products in stores of certain sellers included in the promotion.
Amazon recently launched its operations in Israel after endless preparations and teasers. However, this is only a sales platform that hosts Israeli merchants, many of whom have their own independent sales site. It is no coincidence in this format that Amazon Israel did not break the domestic market, and in fact it operates on a fairly limited scale. Most Israelis still prefer to buy from international sites and enjoy the limit of VAT exemption and endless selection.
The Hebrew language has been introduced to the international site for the huge sales platform which includes 50 million items shipped worldwide and also to Israel, but not all products.
Samir Kumar, vice president of Amazon, said the customer experience would be better. The timing is, as stated, Chinese Bachelor's Day which is at its peak and attracts surfers from all over the world and also from Israel.
Last time Amazon launched a free shipping operation to Israel, it set a $ 80 minimum purchase - more than the $ 75 VAT exemption ceiling. Higher than the exemption ceiling, an examination that proved the positive presence, now that the purchase price of $ 49 is relevant to more buyers, since the average purchase amount of Israeli buyers is less than $ 30.

Amazon has also created two promotional videos for its service created in collaboration with Babysense and Minus 417 Israelis, as an example of sellers who managed to increase their revenue through selling their products on Amazon.

The addition of the Israeli pillar and Amazon's domestic delivery service in Israel mark another step forward in the entry into Israel, all of which is implied, as the local market and Israeli merchants in Israel continue to prepare for the full entry of Amazon into Israel.

Amazon notes that there are around 300 million active customers around the world, offering sellers who want to sell in Israel to use Amazon's sales tools and prepare for unique holidays and sales. Amazon also referred a page in the Hebrew language to a program for its delivery from Israel to abroad through its service.

According to market estimates, e-commerce in Israel is growing at about 20% every year, and online shopping reached NIS 19 billion in 2019.



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