Israel Opens Online Compensation Claims System for Businesses Affected by "Iron Swords" War


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Nov 19, 2023

In a significant move to address the indirect damage caused by the ongoing "Iron Swords" war, the Tax Authority in Israel has opened an online claims system for businesses. This system allows businesses nationwide to file compensation claims, taking into account the location of the business and the extent of damage incurred during the conflict.


    .    "Qualifying Expenditure" Track:

    •    Valid for October-November 2023.

    •    Businesses with a turnover of NIS 12,000 to NIS 400 million may be compensated.

    •    Eligibility criteria include a decrease in turnover of over 25% for a one-month report or 12.5% for bi-monthly reporting in October and/or November 2023.

    .    Green Tracks:

    •    Green Track - Salary:

Businesses in specified localities can receive a set amount of NIS 520 per day for each employee absent from the workplace between October 7 and 31, 2023, due to reasons outlined in the regulations.

    •    Green Route - Turnovers:

Compensation based on the decrease in turnovers in October 2023 compared to the corresponding period in 2022, up to a ceiling of NIS 2,500,000.

    .    Agriculture Track:

    •    Differentiated tracks for farmers within 20 km and 20-40 km from the Gaza Strip border.

    •    Compensation based on loss of output per worker in October 2023, with a ceiling of NIS 3 million.

    .    Red Route:

    •    Allows businesses in specified settlements to receive full compensation for income loss or damages incurred due to war or hostilities, subject to compliance with specified conditions.

Claim Processing:

    •    Claims in the "qualifying expenditure" route and green routes, not requiring detailed examination, will be addressed within a few business days.

Housing Grants for Evacuees:

    •    Over 70,000 eligible individuals are set to receive housing grants on Wednesday.

    •    Grants of NIS 200 per adult and NIS 100 per child per day will be provided for those not staying in hotels.

Intensive Cross-Checking:

    •    The Ministry of Tourism provided a list of about 78,000 individuals staying in state-financed hotels.

    •    Over 13,000 records were found to be incorrect, prompting re-examination by the Ministry of Tourism.

    •    11,000 evacuees who stayed in hotels also requested occupancy grants; the National Insurance is conducting further checks to ensure accuracy.

    •    Some of the 11,000 individuals stayed outside the hotel for part of the period, and they will be entitled to compensation for the relevant duration.

The National Insurance Institute continues its efforts to verify data, ensuring that eligible evacuees receive the settlement grant after meticulous cross-checking.



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