The government allocated last night t unanimously eleven billion shekels to the 2020 budget


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Sep 10, 2020

The government unanimously approved the allocation of eleven billion shekels tonight, an addition to the budget as part of a compromise proposal adopted to prevent the dissolution of the Knesset and the early elections.
NIS 3 billion will be allocated to increase the defense budget. Nine hundred million shekels to increase disability benefits and one hundred and eighty million to raise about thousands of Flashmob members. Budgets will also be allocated for the integration of members of the Ethiopian community in Israel, for dozens of educational programs in state and state religious education, for the empowerment of the Druze and Circassian populations, and for the strengthening of settlement in Judea and Samaria. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this is an important message for all Israeli citizens and needy populations during the Corona period.
Finance Minister Israel Katz said it was time to work in full cooperation, show solidarity and social sensitivity to help the self-employed, employees and business owners, to get through the Koran crisis and move the economy and the economy as a whole, to growth.
The Minister of the Interior, Aryeh Deri, reported an additional budget for his office in the amount of NIS 750 million. He declared: "In this difficult year, in which the local authorities in Israel are facing a crisis they did not know existed, we have succeeded in adding budgets for them and their residents." The disabled protest organizations welcomed the increase of NIS 900 million in favor of increasing disability benefits in the third phase.
Inside the distribution ceremony of these 11 billion shekels hid a distribution ceremony of 811 million shekels - which in ordinary budget years is called the distribution of coalition funds - a distribution of political funds that is decided every year in political bestselling trade between the various parties. Additions to security, Flashmob, local authorities and the disabled do not have a clear party identification. In contrast, most of the coalition transfers that amounted to NIS 811 million flowed to the electorate of the Jewish House, the right and the ultra-Orthodox parties.
The Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs, Rafi Peretz, celebrated the budget increase for religious Zionist educational institutions, education in the periphery, student villages, hesder yeshivas and high yeshivas, women's Torah study institutions, religious Zionist associations involved in instilling Jewish identity in Israeli society and a dedicated budget. Of heritage sites in Judea and Samaria. When he announces to the sector of religious Zionism that brought him to the Knesset that "we have saved the state-religious education (Hamad)."
An in-depth examination of the numbers behind Peretz's joy reveals that about NIS 80 million will be transferred to support the religious education administration; NIS 57 million for halakhic counseling and guidance in the field of fertility, family purity, connections with the Diaspora, the actions of the Jewish Identity Administration and the commemoration of rabbis; NIS 41 million was transferred to the operations of the Division for Internal Settlement Construction in Judea and Samaria and the documentation of settlement; NIS 20 million was transferred for a security grant to regional councils in Judea and Samaria and to the local committee in the area; NIS 15 million from the Ministry of Defense budget was transferred to soldiers' activities at seder yeshivas, a military boarding school in Or Etzion and Binui Mechinot. Objectives that are individually identified with the sector that Peretz represents in the Knesset.
Against the background of the announcements of budgetary achievements by the ministers, the lack of celebrations of politicians in the ultra-Orthodox sector stood out. They chose to keep their achievements modest - even though they had something to celebrate. For many months now, the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community have been fighting for the addition of their yeshiva students, who were used to receiving coalition transfers within the budget each year - and because of the government's failure to transfer the budget, they found themselves facing a shortfall of NIS 300 million. They got what they wanted and more.
The world of ultra-Orthodox education has received a budget increase of close to NIS 400 million. This was done according to the following details: the Torah institutions, the coordination bodies and the liaison received an additional NIS 296 million; Shas' education network, a kind of Torah education, received an additional NIS 56 million; and the independent education network, which is affiliated with Torah Judaism, received NIS 25 million.



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