Corona Committee chair MK Yifat Shasha Bitton was removed: she didn't follow orders


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jul 28, 2020

According to Zohar's decision, six Knesset members will not be allowed to submit bills until the end of the current session: MK Shasha Bitton, Shlomo Karai, Keren Barak, Sharan Hashakel, Uzi Dayan and Avi Dichter. The transfer of Shasha Bitton from her post requires the approval of the Knesset Committee as well as the convening of the Corona Committee and its approval for its replacement by another Speaker.
Shasha Bitton attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the decision, saying that it was a decision aimed at preventing serious discourse and discussions. "I acted on my conscience," she said. "This is a decision that aims to prevent listening to the public and making other voices heard. I am glad that I also opened the committee to the public with transparency, seriousness and full listening. I pledge to continue to do so in the future, wherever I am."
Michal Shir, who voted against the coalition in a law banning conversion therapies, will not submit legislation until the end of the session, nor proposals for an order.
Punishments will also be given to ministers who are absent from the plenum in important votes, and they will be recruited in favor of plenary shifts whose purpose is to sit and listen to the words of the opposition and sometimes even answer. Among the ministers: Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana, who voted for the same law and announced his resignation from the plenum under Norwegian law, as well as Finance Minister Israel Katz who confronted Zohar, Education Minister Yoav Galant and Ministers Ofir Akunis and Eli Cohen.
Zohar's decision was made in coordination with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who decided to back up Zohar's moves in order to draw a line in the Likud. After being attacked by a number of MKs in his party, Zohar wrote on Twitter: "I am sorry that there are those who do not know how to accept criticism and choose to shoot inside the ADF. My duty and duty is to ensure the integrity of the coalition. In a joint consultation with the prime minister, it was decided to impose sanctions on those who violated discipline, as has been the practice in all Israeli governments for generations. "
At the beginning of the Likud faction's meeting yesterday, Zohar expressed displeasure with the conduct of the party's Knesset members. "We did not function properly and a lot of votes people were missing," he said. Zohar was joined by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said: "We need coalition discipline. From the moment a decision is made - the coalition must respect it. It is impossible for ministers and MKs to judge themselves. I say this to our partners, but also at home. "
Later, at the faction meeting itself, Netanyahu rebuked Likud MKs: "I have been here for decades, only once did I vote against the government's position. Many times I voted against things I believed in. One time I voted against the government, I told Likud members' You may expel me from the movement because I did something conscientious that I could do once in decades. "
He added: "Understand, it is impossible to manage things this way. We are in a very difficult battle. The unbearable ease with which Knesset members violate coalition decisions, it is impossible to work like this. If there is no complete state governance. I ask everyone to draw a line immediately."
Following the dismissal, 12 Likud members signed their support for a discreet move to remove Mickey Zohar from the position of Likud faction chairman. .
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called MK Shlomo Krei, one of the initiators of the move, and told him that "this is not the time to do such things. It is not appropriate now. "He asked Qarai to stop the move, which comes after Zohar announced earlier today the removal of Corona committee chairman Yifat Shasha Bitton and punishments for MKs and ministers who violated coalition discipline, according to him.



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