Netanyahu burned to ashes a government without him using a war to inflate lynching and hate


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics May 13, 2021

Right-wing party chairman Naftali Bennett said today (Thursday) that a new government led by him and Yair Lapid is no longer an option and dropped out of the chapter. Meanwhile, the party's negotiating teams met today with Likud teams.
Chairman Yesh Atid Yair Lapid, who has the mandate to form a government, commented on Bennett's decision and said that "I understand the distress, but he is wrong. Change is not made when comfortable. Whoever waits for the right moment will find that he will never come. Change is made when you believe it is the right thing to do. "Lapid added in a statement to the media:" I have no intentions
Give up. I will continue to turn every stone to form a government in the coming weeks. There is another 20 days to the mandate, in political terms it is an eternity. "We will continue to fight and if we do not succeed, we will go to the most unnecessary and dangerous elections in the history of the country and win them in the name of those who refuse to accept violence and hatred, and in the name of all good Israelis who refuse to rule us from within."
In his opening remarks, the chairman of Yesh Atid referred to the security situation, and called the recent violent frictions between Jews and Arabs an "existential threat." There will be no crystal night here. In the State of Israel, a taxi driver should not be beaten just because he is an Arab. "Lapid criticized the government's policy and said," We have seen this disintegration coming. We saw it before Meron, before Bat Yam, before Tiberias and Lod and Acre. It was written on the wall. It is impossible to do everything, for years, to weaken the police, and then be surprised when the police do not come at night when called. "Anyone who has done everything to push for a Knesset of terrorist supporters who specialize in spreading hatred should not pretend to be shocked when hatred erupts and burns us from within."
It must be said sadly that in politics Benjamin Netanyahu was and still is the winner.

A senior political commentator says: I'm sad these days. There is no doubt that Hamas needed this military confrontation to fuel its supporters to rest and cancel the election. Hamas with an empty coffers is unable to provide the residents of the Gaza Strip with what they need - a functioning government. A few tens of millions of dollars from Qatar that Bibi Netanyahu transfers to Hamas does not solve the problems. Create a war, win a victory picture of MKs running to the protected area and then wait for the Zionists' harsh response. It will arrive, there will be horrific images followed by criticism of Israel. At this point Egypt will come into the picture and mediate until a ceasefire agreement. When the guns are fired, Europe, the Gulf states and the United States will transfer funds to rehabilitate the Strip. This is what Hamas asked for in the first place and will receive. One factor failed miserably - Israeli Arabs. They are right Netanyahu core the fire, but Israeli Arabs have once again proved that they are not ripe to receive equality and recognition. Instead of speeding up coalition negotiations with Lapid and Bennett, they froze him. Ayelet Shaked jumped on the bargain and demanded that Bennett close with Netanyahu on a right-wing government, a pity. Israeli Arabs go back 20 years and will not be helped by ridiculous and too late reconciliation initiatives. To summarize a few words about the pyromaniac that ignited the area. A political genius who succeeded again in a brilliant exercise to appoint an alternative government. This time he has blood on the hands of Israelis killed in the battle due to his incitement that encouraged Benzi Gupstein, Ben Gvir and members of her family to light the fire in the Jarah bush. Very reminiscent of Trump in the incitement that led to the break-in at Capitol Hill. This is basically a betrayal that requires fortification in the first stage and prosecution later!



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