President Rivlin handed the mandate to form the government to Benjamin Netanyahu


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Apr 6, 2021

President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin convened a live statement this morning (Tuesday) announcing his decision to hand the mandate to form the next government on Benjamin Netanyahu, hours before the inauguration of the 24th Knesset.
"I am well aware of the position of many in the public that the president should refrain from imposing a post on a candidate who is indicted, but that according to the law and the Supreme Court decision, the prime minister can continue to be indicted even under indictments. This is the language of the law. Submitted to him, "the president said.

Rivlin stressed that "the issue of incumbent on a candidate against whom there is an indictment has been hotly debated politically and publicly throughout the last election campaign. "The state does not replace the legislature and certainly does not replace the court - that is the role of the Knesset. Deciding on the substantive and value issue says about the eligibility of a candidate under indictment to serve as prime minister, it is at the door of the Knesset," the president said.
“From this state of affairs, where there is no majority of 61 MKs who support a particular candidate and there are no other considerations that indicate which of the candidates to form a government, I have made the decisions according to what is reflected from the recommendations of the recommenders. Therefore, I decided to entrust Benjamin Netanyahu with the task of forming the government, "Rivlin noted, saying:" This decision is not an easy decision in my eyes on the moral and value level. The State of Israel is not a matter of course. I was born 10 years before she arose, and in all that time I saw her resurrection and the raising of her flag to the top of the mast. I am anxious for my country, for our country, but I am doing my duty as part of my role as President of the State of Israel, which is subject to the provisions of the law and the directive of the court. "
Earlier, Rivlin said that "the main consideration that Israeli presidents should consider in deciding who to entrust the role of the government train is who has the highest chance of forming a government that will win the trust of the new Knesset. From the consultations that took place In fact, if the law was in my hands, I would pass the decision back to the people's representatives, to the Knesset of Israel, but as I said, I can not do that because that is what the law states that I have to decide. To impose the government train on one of the candidates. "
Rivlin said in his opening remarks: "Citizenship and citizens of Israel, you have the greatest treasure of the Jewish people. Your decisions are what will determine what this country looks like and what it will look like. What its image will be, what its future will look like. On election day, the people Many and varied. There are things there that even 120 MKs will not be able to change. 120 Knesset members will not be able to change the democratic foundations of our country. Amid the tension between the Jewish and the democratic, our debate is taking place. "Sometimes he will move to the right, and sometimes he will move to the left - but he will always connect and connect between the edges."
The president signed his remarks with a quote from former US President Abraham Lincoln mentioned in Menachem Begin's victory speech in 1977, saying: "Without feelings of hostility towards anyone, with feelings of kindness towards everything. Adhering to justice, next we will continue on our way to end the enterprise To all the wounds of the nation. "
Rivlin's decision comes after yesterday he visited the President's House of the March: In addition to the Likud, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also recommended the other parties belonging to his bloc - Shas, Torah Judaism and Religious Zionism - and he has a total of 52 supporters. , As well as blue and white, Labor, Yisrael Beiteinu and Meretz - 45 recommenders in total. Bennett only recommended his right-wing party - 7 recommenders.



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