US media announced: Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in the presidential race


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Nov 7, 2020

The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, defeated President Donald Trump in the presidential race, the country's media announced tonight (Saturday). Biden reportedly defeated Trump in the state of Pennsylvania, which grants 20 electors, thus crossing the threshold of 270 electors needed to win the election.
After the announcement of his victory, Biden congratulated the winner: "America, I am honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work before us will be difficult, but I promise you: I will be president of all Americans - whether you vote for me or not. I I will keep the trust you have placed in me. "
Concurrent with the announcement of the networks, Trump is continuing his legal battles in an attempt to challenge Biden's victory in key countries, where the vote count has continued since the polls closed Tuesday night. Following media reports, Trump said the election was far from over, and attacked: "Biden is in a hurry to flaunt his victory in the wrong way." He is expected to be the first incumbent president to lose since George W. Bush in 1992.
Once his victory is officially recognized, Biden is expected to become the 46th President of the United States. With Pennsylvania's 20 electors, and a victory in Arizona and Nevada, Baiden now has a total of 290. According to a report on CNN, Biden leads more than 28,000 votes in Pennsylvania. He won 3,336,887 votes, and Trump with only 3,308,054.
At the time of the inauguration, on January 20, Biden will already be 78 - and will be the oldest person ever elected to the White House. The one who set the previous record was Trump himself, who entered the White House at age 70.
Camela Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States. She will be the first woman to serve in the post, and will also be the first black and Asian vice president in the country. Harris, who has represented California in the Senate since 2017, is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India. She was the second Indian-American and black woman to serve as a senator.
Harris congratulated on the victory: "This election is about much more than Biden and me. It is the soul of America, and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let's get started," she tweeted.
Biden was spending time with his family at his home in Delaware when he heard about the predictions that he would win his native Pennsylvania and become president of the United States. Tonight he is expected to deliver another speech to the nation, at 03:00 Israel time, after the speech he delivered this morning - an official told CNN.
During his election campaign, Biden claimed that the "soul of the nation" was at stake, and promised that he would seek to heal the country that had been harmed during Trump's presidency. Before becoming a presidential candidate, Biden served as vice president under former President Barack Obama. He's also the longest-serving senator in Delaware.
Obama, who helped Biden during the campaign, congratulated his deputy on his victory, writing: "We are fortunate that Joe has what it takes to be president, and he is already acting as such. I know he will do the job, with every American's ambitions at heart," he added.
Prior to the announcement of Biden's victory in the networks, Trump today left the White House for the first time since the presidential election, traveling to the National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. Trump, who last played golf on Sept. 27, is now staying at the club.
Reporters who saw him said Trump wore a white hat with the caption "Make America Great Again," a windbreaker, dark pants, a shirt and "shoes that look like golf." Meanwhile, the president continues to spread information on Twitter, claiming there is no basis for winning the election, when in fact no such determination has been made.
Against the backdrop of reports of the Democratic nominee winning, his supporters began celebrating in Washington, D.C. Thousands of citizens gathered near the White House for victory celebrations. Opposite them stood Trump supporters staying at the venue.
Applause and applause were heard throughout the city, and in one of the neighborhoods people came up to the balconies, shouted, waved their hands and knocked on pots. The cheers grew louder as more residents heard about the reports.
In the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, people clapped, honked at vehicles and erupted in screams of joy as news of Biden's victory spread. Some residents danced on the terraces of the emergency stairs and cheered, while others shouted "Yes!".
Leaders from around the world congratulated Biden on his victory, including German Chancellor Angela Spy, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet officially commented on the matter.
Merkel said she was "eagerly awaiting work with the president-elect," and that "friendship between countries is irreplaceable at this time of global crises." Macron wrote on Twitter that "the Americans have elected their president, congratulations to Baiden and Kamela Harris. We have a lot to do to overcome today's challenges." Johnson said he expects to work soon on their shared priorities.
Among the first to be greeted were the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, whose relations with Trump were strained, the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsutakis, and the Prime Minister of Ireland, Mihal Martin.
The leader of the neighboring country tweeted: "Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamla Harris. Our two countries are close friends, partners and allies. We share a unique relationship on the world stage. I really look forward to working together and building on that with you."
Leaders in the Arab world also congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory, including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Qatar Amir Tamim bin Hamad a-Thani, and Sultan Oman Haytham bin Tarek. "The President emphasized the desire for cooperation and the strengthening of strategic bilateral relations between Egypt and the United States, for the benefit of the two countries and the friendly peoples," a statement from al-Sisi's spokesman said.
Joe Biden, 77, has served as a senator and vice president, during a long political career that spanned nearly 50 years. Biden twice failed in the Democratic primary - in 1988 and 2008 - before finally winning the nomination this year, thanks to strong support among black voters.
He carries the support of the blue-collar class, experience in foreign policy and a fascinating life story with family tragedies - the loss of his first wife and daughter in a car accident, and the death of his son



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