For the first time since the lockdown was imposed thousands demonstrated Against PM Netanyahu


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Sep 20, 2020

For the first time since the closure was imposed, thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday evening against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris Square, near his residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. This is the 14th demonstration in a row since a protest began against the continuation of his tenure under indictments and against the background of the failures to deal with the corona plague. During the demonstration, police arrested a suspicious driver who was driving toward police checkpoints and stopped creaking as he approached police. The driver, a resident of Jerusalem in his 20s, was taken for police investigation and the background is still unclear. At the same time, about 300 people demonstrated in Caesarea, near Netanyahu's private home, and many more on bridges across the country. Watch a live broadcast of the demonstration in Balfour.
This is the first protest event since the publication of the new outline of demonstrations, which has not yet been approved. According to the organizers, about 15,000 bracelets were distributed to the participants. Clashes were reported between police officers and participants and some were arrested. Protesters reported heavy traffic jams on the way to Jerusalem that delayed others from arriving. The police enforce with increased forces the duty of wearing the mask over the nose. The streets leading to the square were blocked to traffic - Ben Maimon, Gaza, Paris Square, Agron, King George and Keren Hayesod.
Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Not all demonstrators act accordingly, as there are disagreements between members of the various groups. One of the protesters was detained for questioning on the grounds that he had announced to others various instructions that would allow them to evade enforcement against them for not wearing a mask.
Prior to the demonstration, protest activists marked neat places for protesters two meters apart. In some places hearts were marked where the protesters were supposed to stand.
The "Black Flags" organization, which led the previous demonstrations, is not actively participating in the Balfour protest this time, but only at bridges and intersections.
In contrast, the "Prime Minister", "New Contract" and "Democrats" called for participation in tonight's protest. The "No Situation" organization also announced that its people would come to protest in front of the prime minister's residence: "Come to Balfour tonight wearing a mask and keep the social distance.
The police stated that "according to the High Court's decision, starting at 9:30 PM, the noise is prohibited by means of air horns, drums, percussion and other means of noise other than means of public speaking and amplification (such as a speaker or megaphone). After 23:00, the use of the device is also prohibited. The amplification. "
On the eve of the holiday, the police, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice announced that they had formulated an outline for demonstrations during the closure period. Although the outline does not limit the total number of demonstrators - it states that the restrictions of the gathering that apply to staying in an open area must also be maintained as part of demonstrations. Therefore, it was written, it should be divided into groups of about 20 demonstrators, as much as possible, and keep a reasonable distance between each group, and a distance of at least 2 meters between people, except for people living in the same place.
"As a result, the size of the demonstration venue may limit the number of groups that can enter to meet the distance outline," the outline reads, In addition, the organizers of the demonstrations were asked to appoint ushers whose job it was to remind the demonstrators of the rules, and to assist in the division into groups.



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