The son of Lev Leviev is one of the suspects in the diamond smuggling to Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Nov 6, 2018

The son of businessman Lev Leviev Zevulun is one of the 10 suspects in the smuggling of diamonds to Israel. The other suspects are Moshe Leviev, brother of Lev Leviev, Reuven Shamalov, Asher Yechieli, Hanania Issacharov and Yehuda Isor.
Medov in the smuggling of diamonds through the LLD company owned by the well-known businessman who is currently in Russia. According to suspicions, the suspects, each according to his share, managed a network of smuggling diamonds to Israel and beyond its borders, over many years, amounting to about 300 million.
Lev Leviev is also being questioned for suspected involvement in the diamond smuggling, but Leviev currently lives in Moscow, Russia, and apparently does not intend to report to Israel for questioning. According to the sources of the investigation, Leviev fled to Russia from London, where he had lived in recent years, after learning of the investigation against him. Leviev denies the allegations and rejects all the suspicions against him.
Moshe Leviev is the brother of Lev Leviev, and he holds one percent of the company through which it was suspected that diamonds were smuggled from Russia to Israel. Until 2011, Moshe served as CEO of LLD, then was replaced by Zevulun Leviev.
In recent years Lev Leviev and Moshe Leviev have had a difficult business dispute. Lev Leviev's son, Zevulun Leviev, worked in the LLD for 13 years, of which he served as CEO of the company for four years.
In the court, attorney Hadad said that one of the suspects is "often coming to the case and seeing that there is no connection, even a coincidence, to my client," adding that between Moshe Leviev and the company that has been involved in the case since August 2009, When the suspicions in the case relate to the years 2010 through 2018. Hadad expressed surprise that the investigators did not know about the dispute between Lev Leviev and Moshe Leviev and about the severance between them. The police representative claimed that this was the first time he had heard about it. "Everyone is familiar with the conflict, right and wrong ... The thought that he is here on one bench with Lev Leviev's son is amusing, because there is not even a random connection ... The disengagement is a deep disconnect, so deep that in 2013 Lev Leviev filed a suit against Moshe Leviev, "If I go to court, and when a unit investigating such a terrorist organization does not know these basic details, we are in trouble," Hadad said at the hearing.
Yesterday, the Rishon Letzion Magistrate's Court extended the detention of all six in seven days. The six involved are suspected of smuggling diamonds, money laundering, offenses under the Customs Ordinance, offenses under the Income Tax Ordinance, conspiring to commit a crime, fraudulently receiving fraudulent invoices, omitting revenue, falsifying corporate documents, and other offenses.
Judge Guy Avnon rejected the arguments of counsel who are suspected of having investigated the affair for a long time, and therefore there is no fear of disrupting their interrogation procedures, which justifies their continued detention, and ruled that this does not reduce the fear of disruption. "I do not ignore the arguments of the defense attorneys, some of whom were backed by newspaper articles, according to which a large part of the suspicions have been published, and this does not diminish the intensity of the suspicion of disruption," Justice Avnon wrote.



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