Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg is suspected of bribery and conspiracy to commit a crime


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Jul 13, 2022

Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg is the head of the local authority that was questioned on Monday by the National Fraud Investigation Unit (JHA) in Lahav 433 on suspicion of a case involving offenses of fraud and breach of trust, extortion, abuse of power, bribery and conspiracy to commit a crime. Allowed for publication this morning.

Along with Greenberg, who previously served as a police detective, three of his associates were questioned. Greenberg was questioned for 14 hours, and the investigation also included clashes between the suspects. At the end of his interrogation, Greenberg was removed from the municipality for two days, and those involved were forbidden to meet with each other.
Greenberg commented on his interrogation and wrote this morning in a Facebook post: "In light of the rumors, it is important for me to share with you the details given. On Monday morning I was asked to come independently for interrogation on a particular issue. "At the end of the examination, things will become clear. As mayor, I resigned myself most clearly and harnessed all my strength only for the public interest. This is how I behave all my life and this is how I will always behave."
 The investigation was opened about a year ago, following a complaint that the mayor demanded the dismissal or removal of his opponents or their family members from workplaces working in front of the municipality. According to the suspicion, he threatened the institutions that received a budget from the municipality that he would deny the budget if they did not fire his opponents - and even made this a condition for transferring budgets to the institutions that employ them and are budgeted by the authority he heads. The investigation is accompanied by the Economic Department of the State Attorney's Office. Greenberg is expected to be questioned again.
According to police, "the mayor's associates are suspected of acting on his mission to carry out his will and intentions." It was also stated that "the Israel Police will continue to operate wherever there is a suspicion of public corruption, which violates the rules of government and will investigate in order to expose improper processes, reach out to investigate the truth and prosecute the perpetrators."
Advocate Ofer Bartel, from the Bartel-Cohen firm, stated on behalf of Greenberg: "The mayor was not taken in for questioning by the police. He was called by phone and immediately checked in. He answered all the interrogators' questions and did not shy away from speaking. To the extent that things were said in his name by Man Dhao, the things were done without his knowledge and not with his consent or mission and things will still be clarified. We suggest that everyone wait patiently for the end of the investigation, in order to realize that his behavior was not flawed. "
Greenberg, 44, one of the young mayors of Israel, has been in office since 2018. Although this is his first term, he is no stranger to politics at all. Already at the age of 16 he was elected chairman of the Likud youth and over the years worked as an assistant mayor, advisor to the mayor and since 2013 he is a member of the Likud city council and is considered a particularly militant oppositionist and who made "hard life" for the two mayors who served before him.
But the creators have turned upside down, and now that he's in the mayor's big shoes, members of the opposition do not give up when problematic conduct arises and in some cases the issues have reached the doorstep of the court. For example, at the end of last year, the Election Commission ruled that Greenberg should remove his name from all municipal publications and in the digital space following a petition filed by members of the opposition.
Upon taking office Greenberg used to tattoo his name almost everywhere possible. Starting from billboards, signs reserved for carrying out infrastructure work and signage for public transportation. His name also appeared on gifts distributed to residents and food packages from the City Department. His voice was heard in the voice response of the water corporation and the municipal hotline.
These measures drew harsh criticism from Greenberg. Hannah Kitsis, a judge of the Ramla-Lod Regional Election Commission, ruled that he must remove his name from all publications and ruled that he must pay a fee of NIS 7,000, which is not from the municipal coffers.
Another time, Greenberg was required to pay NIS 15,000 with the municipality after the opposition petitioned the court, claiming that the questions they had submitted were off the agenda, and in another case Greenberg, the municipality and other senior officials were required to pay NIS 25,000, also after a petition by the audit committee. Illegal meeting of the committee.
Greenberg also managed to quarrel on national levels. As someone who is very much identified with the Likud and the leader of the opposition, MK Benjamin Netanyahu, he has used social media more than once. In addition, he called on residents to demonstrate outside the home of city resident MK Nir Orbach not to join the change government.
Greenberg presented in the election periods achievements he had recorded in the city and stated that it could only continue with the strong backing of previous governments. Greenberg also commented on the "Elderly Disabled" Facebook group, which criticized the previous government's treatment of the disabled, calling its members "a group of resentful and inciting leftists."
Greenberg is also considered a diligent and much-loved mayor. His associates tell of a man who hardly sleeps at night and works around the clock and that every resident has direct access to his personal cell phone. 



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