1,801 new corona patients have been diagnosed yesterday - including a 22 day old baby


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Aug 4, 2020

349 corona patients are hospitalized in serious condition and the number of respirators is 97. Data released by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday morning show that 1,801 new corona patients were diagnosed yesterday and by midnight 270 new infections were diagnosed, including a 22-day-old baby diagnosed at Poria Hospital in Tiberias.
Yesterday, results of 22,396 tests were obtained. The death toll from the plague stands at 554 people - a jump of eight from yesterday. From Poria Hospital it was reported that in the morning a 22-day-old baby was hospitalized with a temperature of 38 degrees. Examination revealed that she was positive for Corona. Both parents, residents of Tiberias, are also positive and are in home isolation. 
415,767 Israelis were required to enter solitary confinement during July as a result of possible exposure to Corona patients, through GSS locality notices, epidemiological investigations and personal initiative. Epidemiological: About 246,000 were instructed to enter solitary confinement through placement notices, compared with only about 67,000 as a result of human interrogation. It also shows that the number of Israelis who were placed in isolation on their own initiative and not through an investigation system is significantly higher and stands at about 100,000. It should be emphasized that during the period in question, close to 50,000 people were released from solitary confinement after receiving their appeal following the initial directive.
 The data also show difficulties with regard to GSS locations and the way in which the Ministry of Health handled the issue. "Percentage of responses to calls by the Home Front Command center in light of battalion exchanges and the need to train new soldiers."
It was also written that "a number of other cases were reported in which the telephone of the person ordering the test was found instead of the patient's telephone. Those who received a message were released from the isolation." And that's not all. Due to a malfunction in one of the hospitals in transmitting the test results, the telephone numbers of eight Israelis who are not sick at all were found. In other cases, incorrect phone numbers were found.
Due to the high numbers, health ministry officials have previously stated that they intend to shorten the isolation period for those exposed to Corona patients from two weeks to 12 or ten days, but a final decision has not yet been made.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened the Corona Cabinet on Monday to discuss possible measures to reduce Corona's morbidity, but no decisions were made. In a discussion of the prime minister's assumption to bring to the cabinet table within 48 hours a proposal to reduce contacts and reduce the number of those infected in Corona. He said at the end of the debate that among the options facing the government to deal with the virus, there are three types of closures: local closures on red cities, night closures and weekend closures. "Of course it will be possible to connect things, bring some things or bring all the things," he said.
At a meeting of the Corona Cabinet today (Monday), a first confrontation took place between Projector Prof. Roni Gamzo and several government ministers. The situation was different than usual - this time it was Dr. Gamzo who supported further relief, while the prime minister and some of the ministers preferred to impose new restrictions.
Cabinet ministers have for the first time criticized Gamzo from what they defined as "the lack of concreteness of the proposals he brought to the table". Gamzo, who at his first press conference and in the various interviews that followed expressed his firm opposition to the imposition of a general closure, expressed in support of the debate the lifting of weekend restrictions, and the opening of playgrounds.
Prof. Hezi Levy, director general of the Ministry of Health, supported Gamzo's proposal - but as mentioned, some of the ministers thought otherwise.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listed the various options, "in order to avoid a general closure," and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz said at the hearing that a full closure should be imposed over the weekend - or the restrictions lifted over the weekend. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi also joined in.
The conclusion of the hearing was that Gamzo would take into account all the options raised at the hearing - nocturnal closure, full weekend closure, restrictions by space and not by industry - and give a full plan aimed at lowering the daily number of patients to below 400 within three weeks. It is required of him to bring a concrete proposal of action.
Cabinet ministers said they had planned to approve recommendations from Prof. Gamzo, but said, "he has come to tell what he wants to do next." The ministers noted that Gamzo did not present concrete recommendations but remained at the level of principle - and therefore Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wondered at one point "What are the recommendations? What did you come with?".
Gamzo replied to Netanyahu that he needed another week to 10 days to come up with recommendations, while the Ministry of Health recommended stopping the weekend restrictions. At the same time, both Gamzo and the Ministry of Health said that the disease situation is currently not good. "We have stopped the disease, but are not going down. We are in a red zone, and as a country it will be very difficult to open the sky," they said.
The discussion in the Corona cabinet took place for the first time in its new and limited composition, after not being convened for a month. After four hours of discussion, no instructions were received and the prime minister instructed Gamzo to bring to a vote at the next meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, concrete proposals "to reduce contacts and reduce the number of infected."
After the prime minister instructed Gamzo to come up with concrete proposals, ministers discussed measures to reduce adhesions. Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana proposed a complete closure, but none of the ministers took it seriously. Minister Yizhar Shai proposed to consider a full weekend closure and also a night closure between 21:00 and 05:00.
The discussion actually raised three options: a night closure, a weekend closure and a local closure in red cities according to the Gamzo traffic light model. A presentation made by the National Security Council to the ministers in preparation for the Corona Cabinet states that it is impossible to continue in the current situation of "walking along an abyss."
One option they have raised is a short full closure in the last two weeks of August while families are in homes, a closure that will allow them to return to school. The National Insurance Institute proposes to set a target of less than 400 infections per day until September 1, in order to allow the start of the school year, and then to reach less than 100 new infections per day.
As stated on Monday evening, the Ministry of Health updated the corona data, which shows that at midnight 1,090 new people were diagnosed with the virus. At midnight, results of 13,670 corona tests were obtained. The rate of positive tests as of 18:50 stands at 8%. The number of seriously ill patients is 331, while the number of respirators is 99. 546 people have died from the virus since the outbreak of the plague.
There are currently 26,005 active Corona patients in Israel, according to data from the Ministry of Health, but the ministry noted that the change in the definitions of recovering patients has not yet been fully updated - and therefore the number of active patients may be lower.
According to data from the Ministry of Health, yesterday 711 new infections were diagnosed with the virus. The low number is probably due to the low number of test results received yesterday - 10,028, compared to 20,000 almost every day in the last period.




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