Israel "surpassed" the United States in the number of infected with corona per million people


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Jul 29, 2020

Israel, whose response to the corona virus epidemic was initially considered a success story, especially compared to the way the epidemic was dealt with by countries like the United States, has lost its initial advantage and even worse.
On Tuesday, Israel "surpassed" the United States in terms of the number of people infected with the corona virus per million people, for the first time since the end of March.
At the end of May, the average weekly number of infected people in Israel was close to zero, while in the United States at that time it was about 80. Since then, the average number of infected people has risen to one million in both Israel and the United States. Sharper.

In the last day, 1,865 new patients have been diagnosed, and now the number of active patients is about thirty-three thousand and six hundred. Data released by the Ministry of Health show that 314 of the patients are in critical condition, 97 of them are respirated
 Eight people were added to the death toll. 486 people have died since the outbreak, and about 22,000 tests were performed in Israel yesterday. 153 in fair condition. A total of 739 people are hospitalized in the hospitals.
The Ministry of Health intends to launch a new tender within a week for the establishment of two large private laboratories for Corona, one in the south and one in the north, TheMarker has learned. In addition, the ministry intends to increase the total number of tests performed by Mae Heritage, which is capable of performing about 10,000 tests per day.
The goal is to increase the laboratory capacity, that is, the scope of possible tests to be performed per day until winter to 60,000 tests per day. The reason: In winter, the demand for corona tests is expected to increase significantly due to double corona morbidity and winter illnesses whose symptoms are very similar. As a result, many more people will suspect they have corona and be sent for testing.
Today, the expenditure on about 30,000 tests a day is about NIS 300 million a month, so the expenditure may double in the winter months and reach half a billion shekels a month and more. The tender will be open to companies that have laboratory capacity, and as in the case of Mae Heritage, one of the conditions of the tender will most likely be that laboratory workers cannot be recruited from hospital laboratories and public health funds. However, skilled manpower in laboratories is one of the most complex issues in increasing testing capabilities, as these are highly skilled workers with advanced degrees that take years to train, who earn low wages and are in short supply.
From the experience gained with Mae Heritage, the Ministry of Health learned that the process of setting up a laboratory can be lengthy and include various obstacles and bottlenecks. According to the plan, the tender will be announced within about a week and the winner or winners will be selected within another two weeks, so that the process of setting up and validating the laboratory will be completed by the beginning of winter.
It was recently announced that the Minister of Defense, Bnei Gantz, announced that at the request of the Ministry of Health, the Procurement Administration (Directorate) of the Ministry of Defense has opened accelerated negotiations with Mae Heritage, in order to reach an agreement on 30,000 output of the company's laboratory. Tests per day.




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