Corona Cabinet: gathering of only up to 50 people and cultural shows with 250 people - allowed


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Jun 29, 2020

After the clash between the Ministry of Health and Ministers yesterday, the Corona Cabinet on Monday unanimously decided to accept the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to allow a gathering of only up to 50 people. However, cultural shows and banqueting halls will be exempted from this and there the number of participants can reach 250 people without the possibility of increasing the audience. In addition, the ministers confirmed that the students could be tested at a distance - and on this issue a fierce debate has already arisen.
Limiting the congregation to 50 people includes inter alia alliances and funerals, as well as congregations in prayer houses. With regard to weddings, the maximum number of participants until July 9 will be 250 people. In event parks and open spaces the maximum number will be 250 people, but in closed halls - only 100 people. This restriction will be in effect until July 31.
The Cabinet also ruled that the schools of great freedom would work in their own right. According to the Ministry of Education, each group will count an average of 28 students, compared to 35 in the original design. The ministry noted that many activities will be moved to the open space as much as possible and classrooms that do not study with great freedom will be used to benefit students.
Defense Minister Benny Gantz demanded that the operative treatment be transferred to the Ministry of Defense. "The top-down regulation should be in the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Defense and the Home Front Command have the best execution tools - from hotels to direct contact with all authorities," he said.
During the discussion, a heated debate developed between Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Minister of Economy Amir Peretz. Edelstein demanded to limit the number of people who could come together to exhibitions and museums from 250 to 100. Peretz argued that if there is no change in events - there is no reason to hurt the exhibitions and museums. Gantz suggested the two leave the situation as is, and whitewash the controversy later on.
In addition, it was decided that the public sector should move to 30% work from home, but this would still require arrangements to be decided by the Civil Service Commissioner. "The Corona is not only a health epidemic but also an economic one," said Welfare Minister Itzik Shmuli who supported the reduction of restrictions. "Despite the rising morbidity data, under risk management it is true that the health system's sufficiency is still safe"
 Due to the new decisions, the Association of Halls and Event Gardens requires the government to immediately decide on the compensation of the industry in a unique and dedicated way. This is in response to the Corona Cabinet's decision to accept the Ministry of Health's recommendation to reduce rallies. "The Corona Commission's decision to reduce events from July 10 is a death blow to the event that has been dying for months," the union said. "Unfortunately, we are once again discovering that the voice of 200,000 unemployed is inaudible. It's time to understand - the economy must not be eliminated. All the indicators show that there is no increase in the state of the respiratory system. The number of participants is financially impossible and that means stopping the activity of the industry and leaving hundreds of thousands in the homes. The events will do everything possible for the halls and events to keep the purple character and call on the government to re-examine the decision nearby. "
In the meantime, the alarming trend of rising morbidity continues. The Ministry of Health announced this morning that midnight 159 Corona patients were diagnosed. The number of serious patients has risen by seven since last night and stands at 46. The number of mediocre patients stands at 58. During yesterday 374 patients were diagnosed.
The hospital is home to 222 patients, of whom 24 are registered - an increase of two from midnight. Yesterday, results were obtained for 10,138 tests, with a positive percentage of about 4%. In Israel, there are now 6,556 carriers of the virus, and 318 people have died after being infected. 

The data shows that in Jerusalem, 100 new infections have been diagnosed in the last three days, in Ashdod 74, in Bnei Brak 60, in Tel Aviv-Jaffa 48, in Rahat 36 and in Bat Yam 35. In the Arara in the Negev 27 were diagnosed (where the rate of mental illness is highest), and in Kassam, Ramla and Rishon To mark 26 were diagnosed.



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