A report released by the Knesset: there are only 1,437 available respirators in Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Mar 26, 2020

A report released by the Knesset Research and Information Center on Thursday reveals that there are only 1,437 available respirators in Israel.
According to data transmitted to the Knesset by the Ministry of Health, at present there are 2,173 respiratory devices in Israel, of which 708 are used and 28 are abnormal. The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar Seaman Tov, told the committee this morning that another 70 machines were ordered from the private medical system and 900-800 machines from the IDF. He added that there would eventually be 2,864 available machines, but he did not explain where they would all come from.
The Director General of the Ministry of Health said that Israel began preparing for the epidemic on 20.1. The chairman of the committee replied: "What we understand is that there has been no change in the condition of the respirators from 20.1 until now." According to Bar Seaman, until January 20, "this was a specific event in China. This event is a tsunami that cannot be prepared." Commenting on the situation in the West Bank and Gaza, he said: "In my list of greatest concerns are also the Palestinians, they and we are epidemiologically interconnected tools. We are trying to answer this."
Chief of National Security Staff Meir Ben Shabat told the committee that "we have not yet agreed on the exit policy (from the crisis). We have to say it honestly. We sit on it, think about it. What currently exists is ideas, directions, but not a happy strategy. ". Ben Shabbat acknowledged that the decisions made by the government are "imperfect" and also referred to Shalah's criticism of the lack of a media strategy and a neat publicity campaign. According to the head of the NSC, "there is no official format on how the government should behave in a situation like this."
The report presented to the committee shows that as of January 2019, there were 758 ICUs in Israel, and that by Tuesday, 32,346 corona tests had been performed, of which about 2,000 were found to be positive. According to the Ministry of Health, as of yesterday, 3,600 health care workers were in solitary confinement. 926 doctors, 1,192 nurses and 1,482 other staff members.
The government's oversight function in the Corona fight was established this week after a prolonged paralysis of the Knesset that cannot be monitored by government work. Along with her, the Foreign and Defense Committee and the Finance Committee were formed.
Intensive care units in Israeli hospitals warn of serious injury to the treatment level in the case of thousands of serious corona patients (and in some scenarios even tens of thousands). The number of respirators is considered to be the most significant and critical bottleneck, but the infrastructure for treating large scale patients is also a significant addition of skilled staff, medical devices, beds and more.
"If our forecasts come true, the standard of care for these difficult patients will not be half what we know today, when it comes to single patients in intensive care," said Dr. Leon Falls, who is responsible for emergency preparedness at Kaplan Streets Hospital and a member of the epidemic team. Expected scarcity of medical device resources and less attention for each patient. It should be taken into account that there is insufficient manpower, and some of the staff will probably be in isolation at home or in the hospital, or in a state of exhaustion. "According to Dr. Falls, operating an ICU under the current conditions requires several components including respirators, drugs, closed pumping systems Discharges from patients to prevent the risk of infection, dedicated beds to prevent pressure sores and other related equipment.



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