Sunfrost's frozen bean products are back on the shelves after the discovery of parts of a snake


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Sep 15, 2022

Sunfrost's frozen bean products are back on the shelves, after their production and marketing was stopped due to the discovery of parts of a snake, a mouse, a snail and a bird's foot, among others, in the company's beans and peas, which is owned by Tnuva. They will gradually return to the points of sale starting today. Sunfrost controls about 70% of the cash sales in the frozen vegetables category.
See that Sunfrost has begun the process of improving quality control and sorting at its factory in Migdal Ha'Emek, but has not yet activated the three optical sorting machines it announced it would purchase, has not made improvements in the sorting of peas, in which animal parts were also discovered, and has not taken a dramatic step like the Strauss company, which following the salmonella contamination in its chocolate factory She closed that factory and her candy factory and rebuilt them. Tnuva reports on a number of streamlining and improvement measures, but not all of the company's promises have been realized, so far.
It was reported from Tenova that "in accordance with the Ministry of Health's directives, a re-sorting of the bean stock at the factory was started before marketing to consumers, the number of workers in the manual sorting system was increased, the quality control processes at the factory and the core processes were improved, accompanied by a team of external and internal professional experts, engineering actions were taken to improve the existing sorting processes, including Implementation of an increased control procedure: Employees were added to operate the optical sorters and the frequency of daily control of their activity was increased. The procedures were also refined and control among the factory employees was increased, including on the subject of quick handling of consumer inquiries. Administrative processes were redefined, and the professional team was expanded in the areas of quality, technology and engineering.
"These actions are conducted in addition to consultations with external and internal experts on behalf of the company, which allow it to return to marketing the bean products that were discontinued on its initiative recently. The company apologizes to its customers, and works to significantly reduce the recurrence of such cases in the future."
Sanfrost also stated that "the company has appointed a team of external and internal experts from various disciplines to examine the production and quality assurance processes at the Sanfrost factory, including an international quality assurance expert, food technologists and senior engineers, the former manager of the Alon Tabor dairy, agricultural experts and more. In addition, it has begun carrying out a series of Steps to improve all control processes in the factory, and guarantee the best quality in the sorting, production and packaging lines in the short and long term.
"The expansion of the array of optical sorters, and the array of laser systems existing in the production line is still in the process of being implemented. The move will include the addition of three optical sorters in the mechanized packaging array, and the addition of an optical sorter to detect foreign bodies in the initial stages of sorting. Additional measures will also be examined to reduce pests and animal bodies, before the arrival of material The raw material from the field to the factory".



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